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Turn your tax problem into a billion dollar business – investxyon
Friday, April 19, 2024
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Turn your tax problem into a billion dollar business

by xyonent
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It is often said that you can always count on death and taxes…

Note that choosing certain options can significantly reduce your chances of encountering both. As our good friend Tom Wheelwright says:If you want to change taxes, you have to change the facts.

In this enlightening episode, a close friend and former student joins us to share how a change in mindset and behavior helped him significantly reduce his tax bill. He also shares how solving tax problems led him to his billion-plus-funded syndication career.

Discover how he uses what he’s learned to help others, and the unique, well-funded, and resilient niche he’s currently involved in.

In this episode, real estate people™ Radio Show, listen to:
for those seeking adventure host robert helms
His co-host for profit Russell Gray

Special guest:
Billion dollar syndicator and real estate investor, Dave Zook

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