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Best websites for college students [Money, Lifestyle, and More]

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Here are our picks of the best websites and blogs for college students.

College is a crazy time. It’s the intersection of life, money, education, career, and more. This is the time to learn, understand yourself, become independent, and begin to understand life.

With that in mind, connecting with like-minded people (even if only on the internet) is essential, so I wanted to put together a list of the best blogs for college students. I wanted to share the best ones – blogs that cover things that will really make a difference if you’re attending college or even just thinking about it.

Or maybe you’re not a college student and are just a young person trying to figure things out, but you just want to find other like-minded people. Maybe you’ve already seen our list of 101 Tools and Tips for College Students.

Well, here’s another important read online.

Best Websites for College Students

1. University treatment

university therapy This is a blog that talks about everything about university. From lifestyle and travel to money and studies, you’ll find it at College Cures.

We love College Cures’ goal to simplify, guide, and improve college life, and the content is incredibly helpful in doing so. It should be required reading for any college student or considering college.

Check out College Cure here >>

2. Campus Grotto

Campus Grotto is one of the older blogs on this list that helps students succeed in college. From helping students pre-college to navigating and succeeding in college to preparing for life after college, this site has it all.

You can also split your site into two main parts: college students and college-preparing students. Get a custom experience based on your choices.

Click here for Campus Grotto>>

3. University information geek

University information geek This was one of the first college blogs I read and I love Thomas Frank’s mission. In addition to his amazing blog, he has an incredible body of writing. YouTube channel And he is a wonderful person who teaches you how to master university.

I love his focus on helping people learn effectively and be more productive — two key traits that will help you succeed throughout your life (even after college).

He also has some of the best in-depth content of any site on this list. If it weren’t for alphabetical order, this site would be number one for him.

Check out College Info Geek here>>

4. College life becomes easier

College Life Made Easy, as the name suggests, is a blog filled with tips and tactics to make your college life the best (and easiest) it can be.

This blog covers everything from tips to scholarships, dorm room sales, and college accessories, whether you’re a new or returning student.

One of the differentiators here is that they have a section dedicated to printable content. Although it’s not my thing, I know that printable content is very popular.

Check out university life >>

5. Dormitory Room Biz

We love entrepreneurship at university! That’s why we sponsor scholarships for entrepreneurial students. That is why we want to shine a spotlight on students who are busy with business while attending school.

If you’re interested in starting a business while in school, Dorm Room Biz is a great ally for inspiration, tactics, and more.

Click here for Dormitory Room Biz>>

6. Her Campus

Looking for a college blog for women? We found it on her campus.

This site has been carefully crafted to help women navigate college life. From applying to college, living in the dorms, excelling in school, and finding a job after graduation, this site has it all.

Her Campus is one of the largest college blogs, with new content being created all the time.

Check out her campus here >>

7. International students

Being an international student can be a big challenge, and there aren’t many resources for international students. Universities accept international students, but even those resources may be lacking.

International students face a variety of challenges that the average student cannot imagine, from paying for college (such as international student loans) to securing housing and paying bills in the United States.

Fortunately, international student blogs exist to answer these questions and more.

Click here for international students>>

8. Students’ Hearts

College is one of the few turning points in life. You move away from home, your relationships change, and your environment changes. So there’s a lot to feel and think, but sometimes it’s hard to talk about it. That’s why I love this blog about mental health. I write about the good and bad points, how to deal with them, and my experiences.

In a time when student loan debt is causing depression and even leading to suicide, having a safe outlet to learn and understand is invaluable.

This is a must read for everyone, whether you are experiencing difficulties or not.

Click here to read “Student’s Heart” >>

Other useful websites

There are many more tools and resources beyond these 10 blogs.

we really enjoy university subreddit (If you’re not a Redditor yet, why not? Follow us on Reddit. /r/University Investor.

Another thing that may inspire college students is millennial money man. This guy used to be a band teacher, but now he’s self-employed and is collapsing bands. Young adults should aspire to this too.

Finally, check out our guide to 101 essential resources for college students. Covers everything from saving money, aid money, living and textbook costs!

You may also enjoy our other guides and lists below.

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