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Research shows building codes create challenges for new home construction

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Recent reports from the National Multifamily Housing Council According to NMHC, building codes raise concerns about construction costs and can make it increasingly difficult to develop much-needed housing. Their data shows that 9 out of 10 respondents agree or strongly agree that building code requirements generally affect the cost and viability of construction projects. got it. The NMHC report states that while some of these requirements are necessary to protect the health and safety of residents and the integrity of buildings and communities, understanding the economic impact of imposing each type of requirement is considered important.

โ€œBuilding codes and codes play an important role because they establish core requirements for the design, construction, renovation, and maintenance of rental housing communities. However, government authorities may consider introducing additional regulatory regulations. As the market continues to grow, rental housing providers must consider the reality that expanded building code requirements can increase housing costs, negatively impact residents and prevent the construction of much-needed housing. housing.

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