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2024 Housing Market Update and Why Prices Are Still Rising

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of Housing market in 2024 It hasn’t turned out the way most of us expected. Earlier this year, real estate investors Mortgage interest rates It will fall, Affordable Will come back, and Home prices There was a chance for it to stabilize before rising again. But that didn’t happen. Interest rates remain high, home affordability is at a 40-year low, and home prices are slowly rising despite declining demand. Why is this happening, and What is causing these market movements? All this and more, according to BiggerPockets’ VP of Market Intelligence. Dave Meyer,this Bigger News episode.

We will give you Summary of the housing market in 2024 In today’s episode, Dave breaks down home prices, inventory, sales, and the data behind home buying. Which real estate markets are doing best?With homeowners increasingly becoming “locked in,” housing inventory remains scarce across the U.S., down to half of what it was a few years ago. This creates tough times for buyers. Buy now with limited selection High interest rates Or wait for mortgage rates to drop? And if you decide to wait, what will happen to your rent?

Dave answered all the questions. Regional differences It’s impacting every part of the U.S. housing market, from areas with high inventory in the Southeast to overlooked real estate regions with high demand. Where the money goes And which states you should be most careful about investing in. We bring you all this and much more in this BiggerNews Housing Market Update.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Housing Market Update 2024 And the most noteworthy data
  • why Home prices Continues to rise Even with low demand and record low home prices
  • Our ongoing Affordability crisis Why mortgage rates are hampering home sales
  • why Explosive inventory growth in certain areas of the United States (and what it means for investors)
  • Rent growth slows And that Overbuilding of apartment buildings Issues that could affect many investors
  • that’s right What Dave is investing in this yearand his biggest concern about future real estate transactions is
  • and So And many more!

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