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A new era of digital collectibles

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After Ethereum NFTs stood out as the pinnacle in the digital asset realm, Bitcoin NFTs or ordinals have emerged as a trending way to buy NFTs online. Blockchain Network. Since being introduced in January 2023, Bitcoin NFTs have become a hot topic in a short space of time. So in this blog, we’ll explain all about Bitcoin Ordinal, including what it is, how it works, and how your business can benefit from launching an Ordinal Marketplace.

What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin Ordinals are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created and managed on the Bitcoin blockchain network by attaching metadata such as art, music, images, videos, etc. to individual Satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). Unlike other NFTs, Ordinal NFTs do not have a separate layer on the blockchain. Instead, Ordinal NFTs operate on a logical ordering system called Ordinal Theory, which gives each Satoshi a unique number and thus Bitcoin Ordinals function smoothly without checking the Bitcoin protocol and adding an extra layer.

How does it work?

To get a comprehensive understanding of how Bitcoin Ordinals work, let’s first review some key terminology.


Ordinals are a numbering system that numbers each satoshi. They are necessary to uniquely identify and track each satoshi and its associated data. “Satoshi”, often abbreviated to “sat”, is equivalent to 1/100 million of a Bitcoin and represents the smallest unit of Bitcoin.


All data stored on Satoshi, including images, text, art, and digital artifacts, are called inscriptions. This is done by encoding the data into the witness portion of a Bitcoin transaction, which is then “stamped” onto the Bitcoin blockchain, creating a permanent history.

These ordinals combined with the inscription create an NFT on the Bitcoin blockchain, and each Satoshi can be treated as a unique digital collectible, similar to NFTs on other blockchains such as Ethereum.

Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Marketplace

The Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Marketplace allows creators (those who create works of art) and collectors (those who buy or trade those works of art as NFTs) to browse, buy, and sell a variety of inscriptions (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain network. The Ordinals Marketplace offers a collection of unique non-fungible tokens, with specific wallet compatibility.

As Bitcoin NFTs gained traction, artists, investors, and collectors began to enter the NFT marketplace. Additionally, the unique number assigned to each Satoshi changed the way traditional NFT marketplaces functioned, ensuring that each asset on the Bitcoin NFT marketplace is irreplaceable, unique, and easy to track and trade.

How does the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace work?

Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 174 introduced the Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction (PSBT) solution for conducting transactions between Bitcoin’s regular marketplaces. This solution tends to smooth and speed up multi-party transactions that require authentication from one or more signers or parties before being put into the Bitcoin NFT marketplace.

Below is the flow by which the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace works.

Start trading

To initiate a transaction, a group member creates a PSBT file. This file contains two main types of information: inputs and outputs. Inputs refer to the UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs) that will be used. UTXOs are the pieces of Bitcoin used in the transaction. Outputs mainly contain the recipient’s address and the amount to be received. However, at this stage the transaction is incomplete as it does not have the signatures required to approve and validate the transaction.

Authentication Transactions

To authenticate a transaction, a PSBT file created by the user is sent to all members of the group, who then sign the transaction after verifying the transaction details. Signatures from each group member are required to validate the transaction and move to the next step.

Complete the transaction

Once all signers have verified the transaction, it finally moves to the next step, where the complete PSBT file is converted into a fully signed transaction, a format that can be processed by the Bitcoin network and from which all the relevant details can be read.

Broadcasting Transactions

In the final step, the fully signed transaction is broadcast to the blockchain network, where it is sent to various nodes across the Bitcoin blockchain to be incorporated and finally recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Benefits of Launching a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT Marketplace for Businesses

Bitcoin Ordinals has emerged as a new player in the trending world of NFTs and is incredibly dominating the NFT trading conversation, and this opportune timing could be hugely lucrative for companies looking to launch their own Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace.

Potential benefits of launching a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace for businesses include:

First-mover advantage

The Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace is relatively new compared to the already established and growing Ethereum NFT marketplace. Therefore, for companies looking to gain a foothold in the NFT marketplace space, embracing this new and trending opportunity is sure to give them an edge in the industry. This first-mover advantage allows companies to establish their own brand and become the go-to for creators, investors, collectors, and traders.

Attracting creators and brands

The first-mover advantage means there will be less competition for the attention of targeted participants, and the opportunity to attract a wide variety of creators and brands to create, buy, sell and trade NFTs will be much higher, allowing both participants and businesses to thrive and grow their digital assets.

Trading Fees and Revenue Generation

Facilitating regular buying and selling of NFTs between creators and collectors will generate revenue through transaction fees, listing fees, or other monetization models. As the ecosystem grows, so will the business’s revenue.

Integration and Partnerships

Establishing a visible presence in the Ordinals NFT space will enable companies to explore potential integrations and partnerships with other companies, projects or protocols within the broader cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, which could lead to collaboration opportunities, cross-promotion and the development of new products and services.

Growth through data and insights

By analyzing the data generated through the Bitcoin Ordinals NFT marketplace, companies can gain insights into market trends, user behavior, and popular Ordinals categories and collections, further growing their business by identifying new opportunities within the Ordinals marketplace.

Launching an Ordinals NFT marketplace requires careful planning, execution, and a deep understanding of the market, which is why you can partner with a specialized blockchain development company that can help you establish a strong position in this emerging digital economy.

Bitcoin Ordinal is ready to develop NFT Marketplace?contact Block Tech Brew Get started now and lead the way in the digital asset revolution.

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