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3 harmful habits that are sabotaging your real estate investment

by xyonent
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If you read my blog, you’ve heard it before.

But this message is so important that I’ll say it again…

Everyone has good and bad habits.

In other words, we all have rich habits and poor habits.

In fact, I Rich habits Poor habits

It’s no secret that developing rich habits will make you more successful than developing bad habits.

But the problem with habits is that they are often ingrained in us from childhood.

We may have learned bad money management techniques from our parents.

Perhaps we experienced emotional upheaval as children that stayed with us for decades and became unhelpful habits.

Nobody is perfect, but there are some harmful habits that you can easily eliminate from your life.

Doing so will likely make you a better real estate investor.

1. Surrounding yourself with negative people

Do you know someone who always has a pessimistic view of the world?

They are the contrarians who complain about the lack of rain on sunny days and vice versa.

Some people’s emotional thermostats are set that way, but if yours isn’t, it can have a negative effect on you.

Admit it… At some point in your real estate investing journey, have family and friends asked you if they should buy their next property?

I’m sure that’s the case.

Now, unless they are real estate experts, their opinion is just that, an opinion, with not much education behind it.

Spending too much time around negative people will decrease your chances of success.

In fact, the wealthiest people tend to be the most positive, and they surround themselves with like-minded people to help them stay that way.

2. Comparing yourself to others

Never compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20. It’s pointless and will only disappoint you.

why is that?

Simply put, your reality is your reality.

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