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Double Stochastics RSI MT5 Indicator

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  • Divergence: Keep an eye on divergences between the DSI and price movement. When the DSI makes a new high (or low) and the price doesn’t follow suit, it can be a sign of a potential trend reversal. A bullish divergence occurs when the DSI is rising but the price is falling, and a bearish divergence is the opposite.
  • Price action confirmation: Don’t trade based solely on the DSI – look for price patterns, support and resistance levels, or confirmations from other indicators to strengthen your trading signals.
  • Trend Context: Consider the current market trend. The DSI value is more significant in range markets compared to strong trending environments.

Advanced Applications

The versatility of the DSI goes beyond basic overbought/oversold identification. Here are some advanced applications to consider:

  • Multi-timeframe analysis: Analyze the DSI across different time frames (daily, hourly, etc.) to gain insight into short-term and long-term trends. Confluence of signals across multiple time frames increases trading conviction.
  • Filter transactions: Use the DSI as a filter for other trading signals. For example, you may consider trading a long signal from a key indicator only if the DSI is suggesting an oversold condition.
  • Combined with volume analysis: Integrate volume analysis with DSI: Seeing high volume alongside DSI signals gives you confidence in your trading decisions.

Customization and Backtesting

The beauty of the DSI is how customizable it is. As mentioned above, you can adjust the RSI period, Stochastic %K period, and %D moving average period to customize the indicator to your liking. Here’s how to get the most out of the customization:

  • Try different settings: Try different parameter combinations to see how they affect the responsiveness of the DSI and how noise is removed.
  • Backtesting is key: Once we identify a promising configuration, we backtest the strategy on historical data, which allows us to evaluate its effectiveness and identify potential shortcomings before risking real capital.
  • Gain a trading edge: Through customization and backtesting, you may be able to refine your DSI-based trading approach and gain a sharper trading edge.

How to trade using the Double Stochastics RSI

Buy an entry

  1. The DSI falls below 20 (oversold territory).
  2. A bullish divergence exists (DSI is rising, price is falling).
  3. entry: Consider buying near support levels or bullish price reversal candlestick patterns (e.g. hammer, engulfing bulls).
  4. Stop Loss: Place a stop-loss order below the recent swing low or support level.
  5. Take Profit: Target a profit level near the midpoint of the overbought zone (around 50) or use a trailing stop loss to capture the underlying trend.

Sell ​​entry

How to trade using the Double Stochastics RSI - Sell entry

  1. The DSI is above 80 (overbought territory).
  2. A bearish divergence is present (price is rising while DSI is falling).
  3. entry: Consider selling near resistance levels or bearish price reversal candlestick patterns (e.g. shooting star, bearish engulfing).
  4. Stop Loss: Place a stop loss order above the recent swing high or resistance level.
  5. Take Profit: Target a profit level near the midpoint of the oversold zone (around 50) or use a trailing stop loss to capture any potential downtrend.

Double Stochastics RSI indicator settings

Double Stochastics RSI indicator settings


The Double Stochastic RSI is a valuable tool for any astute MetaTrader 5 user. Understanding its calculations, interpreting its signals effectively, and incorporating it into a robust trading strategy can provide valuable insight into market sentiment and potentially identify high probability trading opportunities.

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