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Marine Mogul ERC-404 Launches for $

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Seoul, South Korea, May 25, 2024, Chainwire

Marine Moguls launched on the ERC-404 protocol, introducing a new approach to digital asset management. The project has a $2.9 million prize pool with over 25% of the tokens linked to it, giving $MOGUL holders the chance to win prizes such as 100,000 USDT and 50,000 USDT in addition to staking rewards.

$MOGUL Contract: 0x0c9bb15b32334bDAA7Ad319FA356Dd3E8e184564

NFT Marketplace:

Main features of Marine Mogul

Marine Moguls is not just a token or NFT launch. It is an innovative ecosystem. Rewarding $MOGUL holders With prizes and benefits. Holders can: Total prize pool: $2.9 millionexclusive access to high-performance products Trading Bots MetBotstaking rewards, etc.

all 10,000 Marine Mogul NFTs It mimics traditional finance while embracing decentralized blockchain. Each has its own unique combination. Provably Random and ScarceOf these, 5,000 have attributes, Consolidated or fabricated into rarer, more desirable, and more valuable NFTsThese mechanisms enhance the user experience and increase the potential for profits through strategic trading and holding.

Marine Moguls invites you to embark on a voyage into a financial wonderland where every token is a treasure map to untold wealth and thrilling market adventures.

What are the features of ERC-404?

The revolutionary ERC-404 protocol Hybrid of fungible and non-fungible tokensWhat we offer to token holders Fractional Ownership of NFTs and NFT holders have access to liquidity 24/7 – The days of waiting for NFT buyers and sellers are over.

Users can use NFTs NFT MarketplaceTokens can be instantly sold on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or integrated and minted as NFTs, increasing their scarcity and value.

This innovation allows users to Instantly destroy (liquidate) your NFT By selling some (or all) of your $MOGUL tokens and re-buying them a few minutes later, Newly issued NFTs Instead of waiting for someone to buy the NFT on a marketplace, which was the standard method before ERC-404 came along.

Owning less than 1$MOGUL token will result in a user Partial ownership of the entire Marine Moguls NFT collection.

as a result, ERC-404 An auction-based NFT trading system solves common challenges that prevent instant and seamless NFT trading and lead to inefficient price discovery. If Marine Moguls users wish to sell their NFTs for more than the $MOGUL token price, they can do so on the NFT Marketplace.

This innovative new concept is a much more efficient way to interact with, trade, and experience NFTs.

Riding the Wave of Innovation

The release of Marine Moguls on the BNB Chain ERC-404 protocol marks a significant milestone in the world of blockchain and NFTs. Marine Moguls invites everyone to explore this new frontier of NFTs, where liquidity and scarcity come together and community rewards reach new heights.

Individuals can earn $MOGUL tokens and join a burgeoning community at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

For more details on deals and offers, Official Website Or connect through the social platforms listed below.

About Marine Moguls and MetBot by MetFi

Marine Moguls and MetBot powered by MetFi DAORedefining the integration of AI and digital assets Pioneering ERC-404 ProtocolThis initiative combines the fungibility of tokens with the unique characteristics of NFTs and sets a new standard for blockchain utility. 24/7 instant NFT liquidity and fractional ownership of NFTsWidening access and appeal.

MetBot increases the utility and value of the ecosystem. AI High Frequency Trading BotMetBot provides Marine Mogul token holders with exclusive access to high frequency trading. Return valueThis AI bot boasts advanced intelligence and adaptive trading strategies, giving users full control over their funds every step of the way.

Marine Moguls and MetBot embody MetFi’s vision of innovation, decentralization and a digital future of value and profit. Joining the Marine Moguls community creates an evolving ecosystem that challenges traditional notions of value and ownership, delivering tangible benefits and sophisticated trading solutions that work in all market conditions.

Official Link

$MOGUL Contract: 0x0c9bb15b32334bDAA7Ad319FA356Dd3E8e184564

NFT Marketplace:


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