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Traders are confused about this market

by xyonent
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*Courtesy of The Rundown

What do you think of this market right now?

Last week, the Nasdaq rose. The S&P rose.

However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded its biggest drop in more than a year.

Investor sentiment fell to its lowest level in nearly five months.

The news about inflation and interest rates seems to change daily, and Americans’ views on the economy are shifting all over the place.

we unstable It’s definitely time.

And we are heading into a long summer of a presidential election year.

Anyone who says they know what will happen in this market in the next few months is flat out lying.

I Intention I would say it doesn’t matter to me what the market does next.

You don’t need a constant bull market to find winning trades.

There’s no need to get emotional.

The economy doesn’t even need to be stable.

The only thing I see is movement.

If a stock is moving, you can find trading opportunities… and often those opportunities have great potential.

like this Zeta The trade idea was shared with Bullseye Unlimited members a few weeks ago.

This is a smaller stock that is currently not on the radar of many traders.

But I see great potential. perfection Chart settings.

The phone call 366% increase in one week:

*Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and cannot normally be expected to be repeated.

Or this trade idea I shared Nugt (My favorite way to jump on the gold trend) nearly tripled in just four days.

*Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and cannot normally be expected to be repeated.

Or Wall Street’s darling NVDAskyrocketed 455% in just 8 days:

*Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and cannot normally be expected to be repeated.

These transactions are wherever.

With the right toolset and a plan, traders can find hundreds of opportunities every year.

this Tuesday 2pm ETI’ll be doing a special session live where I’ll go into more detail on how I find trades with this kind of potential all year long, regardless of which direction the market is going.

All you have to do is show up and I’ll take care of the rest.

I will send you the access link tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out my Bullseye Unlimited program. (This week’s Monday picks are included too, ending this week on Tuesday!).

Happy Memorial Day and see you on Tuesday!

*Courtesy of The Rundown

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