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Tenant Reform Bill Dies (Section 21 Survives and Fights Again)

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this is “Breaking News” That kind of place – like Landlord Today and Landlord Zone Managing all the mundane nonsense – But to be honest, I’m helpless with this amazing opportunity.

The sun is shining (actually it’s not shining, it’s 11pm and time to go to bed), the birds are singing (probably not, given the time of day), and The rental housing reform bill is at the tip of the spear.!

Yes, the Conservative Party’s pledge That is exactly what they continued to claim. – Plans to bring forward a tenancy reform bill (including the abolition of controversial “no-fault” section 21 eviction notices) are officially extinct. Yesterday’s news, today’s fish and chips paper. The fat lady sings and Elvis leaves the building. That’s it!

This pledge quickly collapsed like a sack of potatoes when Rishi Sunak burst into flames and called a snap general election. In essence, if they wanted to honour their pledge they had to push this turd over the tracks by last Friday (24th May 2024). They chose not to. But interestingly, they had the will to go through with it. Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024That means it was probably a conscious decision not to pay the bill.


I don’t know about you, but I’m on the verge of running naked through the streets and tormenting my neighbors for all eternity. Nothing gets the blood pumping like total failure!

Great news! I feel great right now (but not for the reasons you might think)!

Yeah, I like it. largely Landowners, I thought it was a farce to let Section 21 slide through the mud so this is a very welcome development.

Now we can sleep better at night. Legally For now at least, the vast majority of us continue to do what we never did in the first place: issue Section 21 notices indiscriminately and for no reason, despite being told otherwise.

Phew.that was close!

Personally, I have never been concerned about this bill from a landlord or business perspective. Unlike many people, I never for a second thought that this bill would be a death sentence for private landlords. Rather, I thought the whole idea was pointless rubbish because I could not find any compelling evidence that this bill would achieve its promised results (i.e. improved tenant safety). Instead, I thought that this bill would be rather counterproductive, for reasons I have already explained.

I’m actually more concerned about the precedent this bill sets — a precedent that gives the government more control over our personal assets and property than I’m comfortable with. Where does such control end?

But that’s not why I’m thinking about doing cartwheels or running naked in the middle of the night – I’m celebrating what feels like a temporary escape from being strapped to a medieval torture device.

Do you realize how much I had to update the content on my blog once this garbage went through?

You have no idea what I was trying to endure! You don’t know!

Oh, I feel amazing right now. I feel like I did after having a nasty hemorrhoid removed surgically. The relief is amazing!

Don’t expect any official announcements from these clowns!

There has yet to be any official announcement from the Conservative Party confirming the repeal of the Leasehold Reform Bill, and I have been told not to expect any such announcement, because if there was one, some very brave and pathetic person would have to emerge from the rubble to explain that all of the promises made before the general election to repeal Section 21 were in fact false.

Instead, they appear to have opted for the less conspicuous method of discarding the bill like a rolled up booger ball and tossing it under the dining table while no one was looking.

Surely he deserved a more respectable burial than that.

All we know for sure is that Parliament adjourned last Friday and the Tenant Reform Bill was not rushed through during the “deadline” (the period during which all final business must be completed before the end of Parliamentary session), so it’s definitely not going to happen.

So, what should we do? Will Section 21 finally be repealed?

Now I’m going to put on the tiniest, tightest Speedo I can, enjoy the shining sun, and let the world know about my close encounter with manual labor.

Survivors of the Tenancy Reform Bill

Do you think we can escape the repeal of Article 21 forever? Oh no.

I am under no illusions: this frightening thought could, and probably will, rear its ugly head again in some form in the future, and I have a feeling the disease may be as incurable as chronic genital herpes.

Still, even if this is just a temporary postponement of the inevitable, I’m going to enjoy this moment and consider it a victory, because I now know that if it returns, whether through aggressive campaigning or comically incompetent blunders, it can be defeated.

The next steps for the private rented sector – including the fate of Section 21 notices – will be decided by the party in power after July’s general election.

If the Conservatives remain in power, fools could easily pick up the baton and continue to undermine our rights. If Labour comes to power, many landlords are predicting an even more dire fate, with even tougher offences being introduced and even bigger fools quickly drawing a shut-down on no-fault evictions.

But the reality is that whoever wins power will probably have to start from scratch and, given the time it has already taken, any significant reform of the private rented sector is unlikely to come soon.

In any case, I remain confident in the fact that political party promises, especially pre-election promises, mean absolutely nothing.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’ve repeatedly advised against pinning your hopes and fears on political promises, and especially against making rash decisions based on promises. Sure, consider the possibility, but don’t bet all your money on it (literally in our case), because we’re relying on an entity with an incredible track record of not delivering. That’s basically why I’ve spent so little time on this bill. I don’t like to talk about what ifs.

While the industry braces for impact and jams the airwaves with progress updates and ways to survive the post. No-fault eviction Times have changed, and I only wrote one very sceptical article about the Tenancy Reform Bill back in February. Even then I had the nagging feeling that I was overdoing it on the issue. I knew I should have blogged about my tenant’s hairy backsides, a real issue that raises real-world health and safety concerns.

As I said then, I need to see hell freeze over before I do something crazy like believe the words of politicians…

Frozen Hell

Would I dare to act so proudly that I would be criticized for being so nauseating? I certainly think so!

I predicted it!! I knew it!! My complete distrust of politicians has had truly huge consequences.

But in fairness, it wasn’t difficult.

I have seen so many stories where politicians make crowd-pleasing promises and assure everyone that something great is going to happen.

That doesn’t happen.

Similarly, it is why I have not said much about the lingering promise to introduce a minimum EPC C rating for private landlords, whilst many other landlords and landlord publications are behaving and whining as if it is already a done deal.

I’ll believe it when it happens.

The saddest thing about this whole incident!

As the government continued to give assurances that the Bill would pass, many landlords and tenants were forced to make life-changing adjustments.

Whether or not you support the bill itself, it goes without saying that this is a tragic case of emotional abuse, not to mention a colossal waste of time.

Either way, many homeowners will feel like they live to fight again, and I agree.

Landlord, get out xo

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