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Ventje transforms VW’s ID Buzz into a very attractive electric camper

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Volkswagen’s ID Buzz has been outfitted with a custom camper that’s as clever and attractive as an electric microbus. eVentjewhich is now available for general sale in Europe.

Designed and sold by: VenteFor VW, a small but fast-growing company based in the Netherlands, the eVentje conversion is the best thing they can do until VW finally releases a California version of the ID Buzz, which won’t be released for at least a few years. The long delay since European sales began in 2022 has led to a booming aftermarket for ID Buzz camper products, including the excellent and relatively inexpensive Ququq camper box that I reviewed previously.

I first tested the Ventje camper built on a VW Transporter T5 cargo van in 2022, then lived and worked in the ID Buzz for a few weeks in 2023. In 2024, I finally got to test the combination of the two over a weekend. And this is definitely a case where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The ID Buzz has always attracted attention when driving and passing by onlookers, but now the show continues when the doors open to reveal the Ventje’s wonderfully adaptable interior.

The overall design of the Ventje camper still uses over 100 magnets to align and secure all the wooden surfaces, and it still features a kitchen that can be accessed from inside or outside, a pop-up tent and a multi-purpose interior that transforms in minutes from lounge to bed to luxurious outdoor furniture set, but it’s been refined overall and now has one major addition: a folding table and hidden stools to create an outdoor bar. Faint.

The kitchen has received some improvements to provide a more adaptable cooking surface (always a challenge in tight spaces) and smarter storage space, and Ventje has also increased the number of induction cooktops from one to two, thanks to the incorporation of a 2200W inverter, a 2160Wh leisure battery that charges from the VW’s drive battery, a 350-watt solar panel and a small shore power outlet at the bottom rear of the van.

All kitchen surfaces are exposed.

A highly adaptable room where you can stand.

For those looking to take advantage of the company’s hybrid office policy, Ventje offers eight USB sockets (4x USB-A, 4x USB-C), a 12V car jack, three wireless charging surfaces and three 230V AC sockets to make powering all your devices easy. There are also plenty of lighting options, including dimmable LED light strips and a retractable sunroof on the pop-up tent.

VW’s software is poorly designed, and even with all the Ventje customization it still doesn’t rattle, ruining an otherwise excellent driving experience. Expect VW to eventually give the ID Buzz a camping mode, a feature already available on existing California series campers. This will make heating and cooling the ID Buzz more intuitive while it’s parked, and make it easier to disable the interior motion alarm when you lock all the doors at night.

The eVentje can sleep four, but currently only two can drive on the highway, and the car is based on the regular-wheelbase ID Buzz, not the long-wheelbase model that will (finally!) be available in Europe and the U.S. later this year. That said, my wife and I didn’t want any more space, even if we were traveling with our dog.


Assemble the outdoor furniture set.

Like the ID Buzz, the eVentje isn’t cheap and will soon be facing competition in Europe. VW’s new PHEV “T7” California camper It will go on sale in June, presumably for a similar price, but it lacks the retro-futuristic charm of the all-electric ID Buzz, and its interior is less flexible and arguably less fun than Ventje’s warm, custom design.

Pricing for the improved eVentje ID Buzz starts at 95,000 euros (about $103,000) in Europe. Orders placed today will ship in nine months to customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Ventje says it plans to expand to the UK and US in the future.

Importantly, Ventje is doing something VW hasn’t done since it first unveiled the ID Buzz in 2017: offering a worthy all-electric successor to the iconic Type 2 campervan.

Photo: Thomas Ricker/The Verge

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