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Why Millennials are obsessed with meaningful work

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Millennials, numbering 7.6 million, are now Australia’s largest demographic.

As a generation, they outnumber Gen Z and Gen X by about 1 million people.

They currently outnumber the Baby Boomers by about 2 million.

No other generation will have a bigger impact on the 2020s than Millennials.

In other words, you can’t get millennials wrong.

So let’s try to understand briefly what they are obsessed with.

Millennials are purpose-driven.

And the problem with life purpose, or meaning for millennials, is that it doesn’t come from religion.

They are the most atheistic, most agnostic generation ever.

So the meaning of life doesn’t come from there.

For many millennials, meaning in life doesn’t yet come from family, because, as a collective, they are only just beginning to build their own families.

In other words, work remains the only source of meaning in life.

Therefore, millennials are attached to their jobs.

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