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Tennessee takes steps to protect property owners from squatters

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In late May, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed the state’s new anti-squatter law, which was passed by the General Assembly last month. The new law goes into effect on July 1, 2024. WTVC Chattanooga Squatters have no rights in Tennessee, but the new law establishes and expedites the eviction process. Before this bill, when squatters invaded their homes, property owners had to initiate judicial eviction proceedings, which could take months.

“They come onto your property, they change the locks, and when you try to evict them they claim you’re renting it. The sheriff can’t make that decision at home so it becomes a civil action and you have to take them to court, which can literally take months,” said state Rep. Tim Rudd.

“This law will finally provide property owners with an expedited procedure to remove any person authorized to occupy their property from a squatter who has no legitimate right to occupy or possess the property.” Memphis Investors Group vice president, Joe Kirkland;

Click on the image above to see the news story from FOX17 Chattanooga.

Click here to read the full story on WTVC Chattanooga.

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