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3 Best Fitness Trackers for 2024

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Wrist-worn fitness trackers that could monitor your steps and heart rate were once considered cutting edge. Now, these wearable devices are getting more high-tech with each release, including personalized workout programs and features that can monitor stress and sleep quality.

Since 2015, we’ve been using 46 fitness trackers day and night to evaluate their accuracy, ease of use, and comfort while running, walking, swimming, cycling, sleeping, and more. While no tracker recorded every metric we tested perfectly, we found that the simply designed yet feature-packed Fitbit Inspire 3 is a great choice for most people who want to monitor their activity with metrics like distance traveled, steps, heart rate, and estimated calories burned.

Our Recommendations

This easy-to-use tracker is comfortable to wear all day and gives you accurate readings without cluttering your home screen.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is the most accurate fitness tracker for counting steps, and it ranked highly in all other tests we conducted. The touchscreen display is just 1.5 inches tall, but vivid colors and easy-to-read text and icons make it easy to navigate. The thin, half-inch band doesn’t feel bulky during workouts or everyday use, and at just 0.32 ounces, the Inspire 3 is lighter than a typical USB flash drive.

Fitbit has a free app that lets you connect with other Fitbit users, log information to learn about stress management, and view your heart rate history ( Premium Version Apps cost $10 per month or $80 per year and give you access to apps like Calm for sleep and meditation. The Inspire 3’s battery is advertised as lasting 10 days without a charge, but in practice I found it ran out of charge in a much shorter time. does not meet that standard.

Battery life: Up to 10 days
water resistance: Yes, up to 50 meters
GPS: When connected to the phone


The latest version of the Charge series continues the tradition of accurate activity tracking, but many of the new additions require Google integration.

The Fitbit Charge 6 offers several upgrades from our previous runner-up recommendation, the Charge 5. The most notable upgrade is the tactile side buttons that make it easier to navigate the screen than swiping on the touchscreen, which can sometimes be unresponsive. The Charge 6 also has built-in GPS, which the Inspire 3 lacks, as well as access to Google Maps, Google Wallet, and YouTube Music (subscription required). But when it comes to distance tracking, the Inspire 3 performed better in our tests.

Battery life: Up to 7 days
water resistance: Yes, up to 50 meters
GPS: Built-in


The Apple Watch SE offers the most accurate readings and can be used for calls and messaging with a mobile plan, but its battery life is much shorter than Fitbit’s top pick.

The second-generation Apple Watch SE has a crisp, clear display and the most intuitive touchscreen of any device we tested. It has a rich library of apps even when not connected to an iPhone. In terms of performance, the Apple Watch SE, which was also our pick for the best budget smartwatch for iPhone users, accurately measured heart rate, steps, and distance. However, for those who just want to go for a run and track their pace and distance, for example, the Apple Watch SE may be overkill, especially given its high price and limited battery life.

Battery life: Up to 18 hours
water resistance: Yes, up to 50 meters
GPS: Built-in

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