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Solana ICO Ends Soon: What’s Next for Solana Meme Coin?

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Sealana ($SEAL) will end its presale on June 25th at 6pm UTC.

The Solana-based meme coin plays tunes of American patriotism and political satire and features a chubby seal mascot inspired by South Park’s infamous “World of Warcraft guy” who is messy, obese and has an insatiable appetite for junk food.

Originally a purely Solana-based token, Sealana has expanded to be multi-chain, offering a BNB chain version of $SEAL, and even allowing the purchase of $SEAL on Ethereum (Ethereum).

The project’s token presale strategy employs a “send to wallet approach,” allowing buyers to obtain $SEAL in SOL, BNB, ETH, and even bank cards.

The company’s website did not specify a soft or hard target for the completion of the presale, or the token supply.

But with the apparent success of its fundraising effort, which raised more than $3 million, Sealable has clearly caught the attention of the Solana meme coin community, which is notorious for embracing projects with controversial appeal.

$SEAL will offer a fixed rate of $0.022 during the presale period.

$SEAL tokens will be airdropped after the presale ends

The team behind the project officially announced the end of the presale via the X post below.

Once the presale ends, $SEAL tokens will be distributed to participants via airdrop.

The existence of multichain also means that tokens will be airdropped directly to presale purchasers, regardless of whether they used SOL, ETH, or BNB, eliminating the need for manual claims or payment of gas fees.

The airdrop will take place a few days after the presale.

Amid the meme coin craze, $SEAL, which leads the Solana-based meme coin crowd, has a promising future.

It could also be as successful as another meme coin that had a similarly successful presale on Slothana (Laziness).

For potential investors, it’s not too late to secure $SEAL tokens at the presale price!

Don’t miss out – head over to the pre-sale page now to buy and join the excitement.

To stay up to date with the latest Sheelana news, join our community at the link below: X and telegram.

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participate telegram A channel where you can always check the latest news

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