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Apple reportedly plans to develop a dedicated password app for iPhones and Macs

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Apple plans to include a password management app in its next operating systems for iPhone and Mac. report BloombergHe is scheduled to meet with the company’s Mark Gurman on June 10. The new app, simply called “Passwords,” will compete with existing password managers such as 1Password and LastPass, which typically charge a monthly fee to generate and store unique passwords. Apple is scheduled to unveil the app at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10.

Apple already generates and stores unique passwords through its iCloud Keychain, a feature that syncs passwords between all your Apple devices and Windows PCs through its browser extension. But passwords stored in iCloud Keychain are often a pain to find and change, because they’re stored, oddly enough, in the Settings app. Having a dedicated app for passwords built into Apple devices would not only make this easier, but it would give people another reason to stay in the Apple ecosystem.

Like its rivals, Apple’s Passwords app will reportedly split passwords into different categories, including accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and passkeys (here’s a detailed write-up on how it works). It will also let you import passwords from rival apps, and will auto-fill them when the device detects you’re logged into a website or app. Passwords will also work with Apple’s $4,000 Vision Pro headset, and will support two-factor authentication codes, similar to Google Authenticator and Authy. What’s still unclear is whether the Passwords app will let you securely store files and images in addition to passwords, a feature that both 1Password and LastPass offer.

In addition to passwords, Apple is expected to announce the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS, and VisionOS on Monday, and the new versions of its software will reportedly include all-new AI features.

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