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The 7 best sleeping bags for 2024

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While there are more expensive options (the Montbell Down Hugger 650 #1 and Marmot Women’s Teton), this is a good crossover bag for anyone planning on backpacking or camping in their car during cold weather. Backpackers who prefer to sleep on their side.

Additionally, we offer comfortable down bags for multi-day backpacking trips (Feathered Friends Swallow YF 30 Sleeping Bag and Feathered Friends Egret YF 20 Women’s Sleeping Bag), Bags for couples who want to sleep together.

Our Recommendations

The affordable recycled polyfill Siesta 20 is a great choice if you need a bag to use primarily for car camping: warm, comfortable, moisture resistant, easy to clean, and easy to pack.

The REI Co-op Siesta Hooded 20 is the best sleeping bag anyone could want for basic car camping, and it’s nearly a third of the price of more specialized backpacking options. It’s lightweight, comfortable, adjustable, and available in two sizes, regular and long, as well as single and double versions. With synthetic insulation, the Siesta 20 is warm enough for three-season camping (down to 20°F below zero), but packs into a cylindrical stuff sack that’s about 13″ x 11″ so it doesn’t take up much space in the trunk of your car, an important detail for large families. The bag does have a hood, but it’s more like a pillow wrapped around your head than a traditional mummy-style sleeping bag hood. Plus, the polyester exterior is water-resistant, and REI’s return policy is generous. For 2023, REI has updated the Siesta, filling it with 98% recycled insulation.

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A great value down-filled backpack, the Montbell has diagonal baffles that make it feel roomier than most mummy-style backpacks, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s perfect for people with broad shoulders and narrow hips.

A great choice for slimmer, colder sleepers, the Teton is a warm sleeping bag (suitable for temperatures down to 15°F) made from silky-soft fabric and filled with lofty, waterproof down. Marmot offers a lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking to incorporate more backpacking into your camping routine, you’ll need a bag that’s lighter and easier to pack than the REI Co-op Siesta 20. And if you’re someone who heats up easily at night because of broad shoulders and narrow hips, or who moves around a lot while you sleep, the unisex Montbell Down Hugger is a great choice. It’s rare to find a comfortable down bag for under $400, but the Down Hugger is softer and loftier than bags that cost $100 more. The bag’s shape and angled baffles make it much roomier and more spacious than most of the traditional mummy-style bags we’ve tested. We didn’t notice any fraying during our testing, but if you do find a manufacturing defect, it’s backed by Montbell’s lifetime warranty (the warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear; Montbell does offer repairs, which it charges a “reasonable fee” for).

Though billed as a women’s bag, the Marmot Women’s Teton is perfect for skinny folks who get cold at night. It’s warmer and slimmer than Montbell’s Down Hugger, but it’s also one of the softest and warmest bags we tested. The fluffy insulation is luxurious and makes you feel like you’re stuffed too much. It’ll cocoon you in it while you sleep. The Teton also has some thoughtful features, like a pocket inside the bag for storing electronics and (new in the 2022 redesign) a compression zipper on the footbox that can be unzipped to make more room. EN Rating It can withstand temperatures down to 15°F. After many cold nights under the stars, our testers confirmed that figure to be accurate. However, this is a much warmer bag than many others we’ve tested, which sometimes got too hot. The lifetime warranty covers manufacturer defects but not normal wear and tear.


This backpacking bag is made for side sleepers, but its insulated design with a combination of down and synthetic filling makes it perfect for tossers too.

Let’s be honest, most people toss and turn while sleeping outdoors. I think the Big Agnes Sidewinder SL 20° is the perfect sleeping bag for backpackers who move around while sleeping in a tent, including side sleepers. The shell shape is one factor. The shell is cut wider in the middle than your average mummy sleeping bag. I was able to get into every sleeping position in this sleeping bag, including side, stomach, back, and even a fetal position. I never felt like the sleeping bag was cramped while moving around in it. Also, in addition to the “main” down insulation of the sleeping bag, there is an additional layer of synthetic fiber in the hip area that compresses less than down. Anyone who moves around while sleeping has probably woken up after getting tangled up in their sleeping bag and not being able to find the side zipper. But no matter how much I moved around, I always found the zipper, which is in the front and center of this sleeping bag. Additionally, the Sidewinder has a pillow sleeve in the back of the hood to place a pillow under my head while I’m in a comfortable position in the sleeping bag. The Big Agnes Limited warranty This warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials, but does not cover wear and tear.


Cut wide for backpackers who sleep in the heat, this pricey bag is stuffed with lightweight down insulation, made in the USA, and backed by a solid warranty.

The Egret 20 has all the benefits of the Swallow 30, including a lightweight down fill, solid warranty, and being made in the USA, but with a slimmer cut and more insulation for those who get cold at night.

The lightweight Swallow YF 30 Sleeping Bag is a solid choice for anyone who frequently brings a sleeping bag on hikes or trips. This bag is simple and no frills, but it’s filled with the highest quality down. It’s temperature rated to 30°F, making it perfect for larger people or those who sleep in hotter conditions. While it’s not an ultralight bag, it is filled with over 900 fill power goose down (more info here). Recharge the power laterSimply put, this bag is extremely bulky, lightweight and warm, a rare find under $500, and light enough to easily carry on long trips. All Feathered Friends products come with a lifetime warranty. guarantee (Normal wear and tear not included) and made with certified RDS down.

Like the Swallow, the Feathered Friends Egret YF 20 is a premium bag, but a rare find for the price. The Egret is also carefully crafted with 900+ fill power down and made from the highest quality materials, with a simple, proven design that works in any situation. Though it’s billed as a women’s bag, the bag is well insulated (down to 20°F) and we think it would work for anyone under 5’9″ who sleeps in cold conditions (the bag comes in two sizes, small and medium). Like the Swallow, the Egret is backed by Feathered Friends’ lifetime warranty.


Made from synthetic fibers, the Big Agnes Dream Island is the most comfortable double bag for car camping couples, with built-in sleeping bag sleeves to prevent any shifting in the middle of the night.

The Big Agnes Dream Island is roomy, warm, and comfortable. The built-in sleeping pad sleeve solves a problem you never thought you’d solve: the annoying problem of your bag and pad shifting during the night. The pad, sold separately, replaces the synthetic polyester insulation in the bottom half of the bag, making the Big Agnes, which can withstand up to 15°F, even warmer than its packed size would suggest. The Dream Island has no insulation in the bottom, so you must pair it with a sleeping pad to make it work. The sleeve will fit one Big Agnes 50 x 78 inch double air mattress (such as Hinman) or two standard 25 x 78 inch pads. Many companies make car camping pads with larger than average dimensions, and all of them fit perfectly in the Dream Island. Big Agnes offers a limited warranty against defects in workmanship or materials, but not wear and tear.

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