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3 Simple Reminders to Stay Calm While Trading

by xyonent
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To make consistent profits, it helps to remain rational and emotionally detached.

Many new traders are on an emotional rollercoaster, feeling high after winning and low when they lose.

Professional traders, on the other hand, remain calm and collected even after consecutive losses. They are not emotionally swayed by the natural ups and downs that come with trading.

As a winning trader, you want to do the same – stay as calm and unemotional as possible.

It can get difficult.

Even experienced traders can lose their cool and get carried away by their emotions at times. This is natural and causes many new traders to start questioning their methods and decisions.

It’s normal to feel excited and invincible when things are going well, but this overconfidence can get you into trouble.

When things start going your way, you feel comfortable and think you have a little room to take unnecessary risks.

When we’re in a state of euphoria, our judgement is clouded and we believe things will only get better. When things are going well, it’s easy to forget about planning and process.

This rollercoaster of emotions is most often the case for novice traders.

Novice traders are more likely to risk large amounts of capital in a single trade and have poor risk management.

If that “big risk” is successful, the victory is followed by bliss, but if that “big risk” results in a disastrous defeat, the joy turns to a feeling of utter failure.

The key to preventing or at least minimizing losses is good risk management. Small losses are definitely easier to tolerate than large losses.

Remember that trading is a business, not like online poker or gambling. As a decision maker, you don’t want to run your business based on emotions alone. Decisions need to be made objectively.

This objectivity makes it easier for us to research and consider new trading opportunities as they become available.

Here are some things to remember to stay calm and in control of your emotions:

1. You can’t win them all.

Understand that you will win and you will lose. Sometimes your trades will be profitable and sometimes they won’t.

Losing is just as much a part of the game as winning. Accepting this simple fact will definitely help.

2. Hold the buffer.

Make sure you trade with enough capital in case a losing trade comes along.

Also, don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose. Losses are bound to happen, so be prepared to deal with them. That’s how the market works.

3. Don’t party too much.

Try not to squander every win.

High highs are great, but when wins are followed by losses you end up with even lower lows – and that’s no fun at all.

Emotional stability and proper risk management are key.

Trading can be emotional and cause you to lose control (and your money), but the most successful traders are able to minimize those peaks and valleys and adopt a calm, rational trading mind that ultimately increases their chances of financial success.

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