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Friday frenzy, these stocks are up big today

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*Courtesy of GoldMining Inc.

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Focus List🔎

Gern – RYTELO™ (Imetelstat) Increases Premarket Sales by More Than 38% Following FDA Approval for the Treatment of Adult Patients with Lower-Risk MDS and Transfusion-Dependent Anemia

BCDA – Prestock shares rise more than 45% after company announces U.S. patent issued for intramyocardial delivery of cell aggregates to the heart, including via a minimally invasive radial artery approach

Vero – Rising more than 100% from the previous day after Nasdaq announced it had restored compliance

*Courtesy of GoldMining Inc.

update: Since we first featured this company on Monday, the company has risen over 10% in the week, so put this stock on your watchlist and read more on our page today 🤿.

In the late 1960s, French President Charles de Gaulle begins to reduce America’s economic influence By reducing France’s US dollar reserves by exchanging them for gold.

This prompted other countries to follow suit, forcing President Nixon to close the “Gold Window,” a promise by the U.S. government to exchange US dollars for gold.

In 10 years, gold rose from $30 to $800, a 2,500% increase in price.

Let’s fast forward to today’s playbook…China continues to buy gold from US reserves (just like European countries did in the 1970s).

And almost as influential is the unprecedented purchase of physical gold by hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens.

Chinese momentum shows no signs of slowing as gold prices surge historic

The only question is: How do you try to take advantage of that?

This report details one option to consider and explore.

We’ve discovered a unique gold company that stands to benefit from the historic rise in gold prices.

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Hot List🔥

GERN – Premarket sales increase of more than 38% following FDA approval of RYTELO™ (imetelstat) for the treatment of adult patients with transfusion-dependent anemia in lower-risk MDS

Geron Corporation (GERN) is a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of therapeutics for myeloid hematologic malignancies.

All night, The company announced The company announced that RYTELO™ (imetelstat) has received FDA approval for the treatment of adult patients with transfusion-dependent anemia with lower-risk MDS.

Low-risk MDS is a progressive blood cancer with a high unmet need, and many anemic patients become dependent on red blood cell transfusions, which can lead to clinical consequences and reduced quality of life.

“With the approval and availability of RYTELO, we believe eligible patients with low-risk MDS may potentially receive meaningful clinical benefit, particularly potentially freedom from the burden of red blood cell transfusions and symptomatic anemia for 24 weeks or more,” said John A. Scarlett, MD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Geron.

Shares rose more than 38% in premarket trading on the news.

The $5 area is acting as resistance in the pre-market phase and will be an important level to watch.

Further upside objectives include $5.20, $5.30, $5.56 and the pre-market high of $6.14, above which $6.50, $7 and $7.50 are in play.

Below $5, downside targets include $4.50, $4 and the gap-fill target of $3.89.

BCDA – Pre-share price rises over 45% after announcing US patent issued for intramyocardial delivery of cell aggregates to the heart, including a minimally invasive radial artery approach

Biocardia Co., Ltd. (B.C.D.A.) is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing cells and cell-based therapeutics for cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases in the United States.

This morning in the pre-market The company announced The company had been granted a U.S. patent for intramyocardial delivery of cell aggregates to the heart, including a minimally invasive radial artery approach.

The United States Patent Office has granted patent number 11,986,611, entitled “Radial and Transendocardial Delivery Catheters.” The patent term is until 2036.

The present invention relates to medical methods and systems for delivering substances to the heart via the radial artery, suitable for delivering cellular aggregates and other aggregated substances into the heart.

Following the announcement, shares rose more than 45% in premarket trading.

$5.95 will act as support pre-market and will be a key level to watch.

Further upside targets include $6.70, $7 and the pre-market high of $7.41, above which $8, $8.85 and $10 are in play.

Below $5.95, downside objectives include $5.67, $5.20, $4.60 and then a gap fill at $4.37.

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VERO – Up over 100% from the previous day after announcing it had restored compliance with Nasdaq

Venus Concept Co., Ltd.Vero) is a medical technology company that develops, commercializes and delivers minimally invasive and non-invasive medical aesthetic and hair restoration technologies and related services in the United States and around the world.

Outside business hours yesterday, The company announced The company announced that it had once again met Nasdaq’s standards.

Nasdaq staff initially issued a deficiency notice to the Company on May 31, 2023 because stockholders’ equity as reported in the Company’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ended March 31, 2023 was below the minimum amount of $2.5 million required to remain listed.

On May 28, 2024, the Company completed a $35.0 million debt capitalization transaction, which brought the Company into compliance with minimum capital requirements, as confirmed in a Nasdaq notice dated June 4, 2024.

Following the news, shares rose more than 100% in premarket trading.

The $1.20 area will act as support in after-hours and pre-market trading and will be an important level to watch.

Further upside objectives include $1.40, $1.60, $1.80, $2, and the pre-market high of $2.15.

Below $1.20, downside objectives include $1, $0.80 and the gap fill at $0.5867.

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