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The 6 best fans of 2024

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Our Recommendations

This compact fan can reach every corner of a large room, and it’s relatively easy to operate, clean, and reliable.

The Vornado 630 Medium Air Circulator is a simple, powerful, and reliable fan that can move large amounts of air without making a lot of noise.

The vortex air this fan creates circulates air throughout a room better than an oscillating fan, without the hassle of intermittent gusts. This fan is compact and doesn’t have any fancy features like a remote or timer. But the minimalist design, including an easily accessible speed control dial on the side, makes the Vornado 630 easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Vornado makes a lot of great fans and they come with a 5 year warranty, and we found the 630 in particular to offer the best balance of power and energy savings.


This surprisingly affordable circulator features efficient DC power, subtle speed control, and vertical and horizontal oscillation capabilities.

The DC-powered Lasko Whirlwind Orbital Motion Air Circulator A12668 is quiet, efficient, and easy to use.

With a single power button, the Whirlwind lets you cycle through 12 power settings, from a gentle breeze to a steady breeze. At its lowest speed, the Whirlwind is one of the quietest fans we’ve ever tested, but at its highest speed it’s even more powerful than our top pick.

Whirlwind also has the ability to oscillate up to 60 degrees side to side and 90 degrees up and down, moving wind waves from floor to ceiling.

Removing the grill and fan blades requires just one screw and a simple twist lock, making cleaning a breeze.

The Whirlwind comes with a remote control, but it doesn’t work well with a smart home setup, and Lasko only offers a one-year warranty.

Choose your upgrade

This fan performs and sounds nearly identical to our top pick, but with the addition of vibration functionality, sturdy metal construction, and an attractive retro design.

The all-metal Vornado Silver Swan Alchemy is a stylish improvement over the black plastic designs of many other air circulators, with an aesthetic that harkens back to early Vornado fans from the 1940s that were based on experimental airplane propellers.

This model performs even better than our top pick, thanks to its oscillation feature and sturdy metal fan blades, producing a pleasantly powerful breeze throughout the room without being too loud or harsh.

This fan is also one of the easiest to clean, so you’re more likely to take good care of it, which is a good thing since it’s a really lovely piece of home decor.


This sleek, energy-efficient fan stands 43 inches tall and oscillates side to side as well as up and down.

The Dreo PolyFan 704S Smart Fan has a lot more going for it than just its height advantage: It’s quieter and more energy efficient than most other fans thanks to its DC-powered motor, and the oscillation feature has three horizontal arc options as well as a vertical setting. The result is a fan that envelopes your room in a multi-directional breeze.

The PolyFan 704S offers multiple options for adjusting the perfect airflow, including a remote control, smartphone app, or voice command, and it’s also incredibly easy to clean.

However, even with the optional 18-month extension, the one-year warranty period is significantly shorter than many other products.


One of the most powerful fans we tested, it has a DC motor that produces a strong breeze. It’s a great alternative to tower fans, but it can also be difficult to clean.

The Vornado Strata is less than 2 feet tall, but it produces a wind column that reaches over 6 feet high, with enough power to make you feel a breeze throughout the room. In fact, it moves more air, faster, than any other fan we tested. Tower fans are not recommendedThe compact Strata is a great alternative.

It also has a DC-powered motor, making it quieter and more energy efficient than most others on the market, plus it’s backed by Vornado’s generous and reliable 5-year warranty.

However, they take up a bit more floor space than tower fans and aren’t particularly easy to clean.

Recommended for those on a budget

This budget fan doesn’t feel cheap: It’s quiet, easy to clean, and just as good as its more expensive counterparts.

Many budget fans offer performance that matches your price range, but that’s not the case with the Dreo Fox One, which performed just as well as the top products in our tests.

While this fan doesn’t produce the same room-wide breeze as our top pick’s powerful breeze, it gets close and costs about half the price. This fan is also easier to clean than the Vornado 630, with a single screw holding the grille in place and easily removable blades.

Simple and effective, the Fox One is better designed and seems more durable than other models in its price range, which is a good thing since the Dreo only has a 30-month warranty.

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