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The best things to buy at Aldi

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Aldi stores are simple in design: they don’t have ancillary facilities like pharmacies or check cashing booths, and their layout is small and quick. Grocery shopping.

But a lean shopping experience doesn’t mean skimping on premium products: Aldi’s exclusive brand foods are certified free of artificial colors and trans fats. Aldi’s weekly bargains This section offers great deals on luxury items like seasonal apparel, outdoor furniture, and home goods.

Aldi’s affordable prices mean you can stock up on groceries without being shocked by the price. “It’s a guilt-free store,” says Jenny Martin, a writer for the coupon website “People know that when they shop there, they won’t feel like they’re splurging.”

Before you go to Aldi, make sure you have your quarters ready – you’ll need a coin slot and a key to unlock the shopping cart. Don’t forget your reusable bag and our list of the best Aldi items to use as a guide.

Before you create a budget

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Charcuterie Board Ingredients

If you’re planning on putting together a charcuterie board, Aldi is a great place to stock up on affordable ingredients, according to Ashley Williams, founder of the website Oh Hey Finds, which highlights her favorite ingredients found at Aldi, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.

“The selection of cheeses, crackers, meats, jams and nuts is amazing,” she said in an email.

For example, at the time of writing, an 8-ounce serving of Brie, a charcuterie staple, was selling for $4.19 at Aldi online. The same type and size of cheese was selling for $4.87 at Walmart and $8.99 at Safeway.

Basic staple food

If you’re not committed to a particular brand of staple food, Martin recommends shopping at Aldi.

“It’s a great place to buy basics like milk, eggs and dairy products,” she said, “and they know that the prices on milk and eggs build customer loyalty.”

frozen food

Martin recommends stocking up on Aldi’s frozen foods, including veggies, breaded chicken, and pre-cooked meats. For example, as of this writing, a 64-ounce pack of frozen chicken wings is selling for $13.19 on Aldi’s online store, while a small pack (40 ounces) of a different brand is selling for $13.99 on Safeway’s online store.

If you’re following a plant-based diet or planning your Meatless Monday menu, you’ll also find a variety of frozen seafood and meatless options.


Online reviews about the quality of Aldi’s produce are mixed. If you buy fruits and vegetables at Aldi, it’s best to plan to eat them soon or store them. Martin points out that while the produce is affordable, it doesn’t stay fresh for as long as produce you’d buy at other grocery stores.

Some produce, like onions, lemons, and peppers, sold individually at other grocery stores, are sold in bulk at Aldi. Stocking up on produce essentials can save you money in the long run, and freezing fruits and vegetables can extend their life and reduce waste.

International cuisine

Williams appreciates Aldi’s culturally inspired foods and snacks. “Aldi does a great job of releasing culturally diverse deals throughout the year – for example, their German and Asian weeks have a wide range of deals to cater to international tastes,” she says. Williams is particularly fond of Deutsche Kuche, Bavarian soft pretzel sticks, from the frozen food section.

How to get the most out of shopping at Aldi

To get the most value, Martin suggests buying your basics at Aldi and shopping elsewhere for more specific needs. Since Aldi doesn’t carry as many big-name brands as other grocery stores, you’ll need to be comfortable choosing Aldi-branded products.

If you want to be sure to get the best Aldi bargains, do your weekly shop on the day Aldi releases new products. “The best day of the week to shop is usually Wednesday because that’s when all the new products are released,” says Martin. And on Sundays, Aldi offers discounted prices on some of its most popular products.

Shopping at Aldi can take some time to get used to if it’s your first time, but once you’re there, you’ll find it’s unique and Affordable Favorites.

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