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Market News – Inflation report dominates!

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Economic Indicators and Central Banks:

  • Selling of government bonds continued ahead of tomorrow’s FOMC decision. However, the decline was moderate, as continued strength in the labor market continues to weigh on disappointment that easing measures will likely be delayed until September at the earliest.
  • Chinese stocks fall Weakened travel spending and renewed concerns about the property sector are raising doubts about the durability of China’s economic recovery after traders returned from a long weekend.
  • Property developer Dexin China Holdings has been ordered wound up by a Hong Kong court, adding to a growing number of legal victories for creditors over overdue debts.
  • Geopolitical risks Stock prices were also affected Electric vehicle manufacturer Traders are awaiting the European Commission’s decision on interim tariffs, expected this week.
  • Australian business confidence The situation turned negative in May, dropping to below average levels, suggesting that rising interest rates and a worsening consumer outlook are weighing on the business sector.
  • The market is also Political turmoil in Europe.

Asian & European Open:

  • The three major indexes rose on Monday. S&P 500 and Nasdaq Both stocks hit new records.The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up about 0.2% after a subdued end to a strong week.
  • The CSI 300 index of mainland Chinese stocks fell 1.4% after trading resumed. Dragon Boat Festival Holiday, Meanwhile, Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks were the biggest fallers in Asia, falling as much as 2%.
  • apple Apple shares fell despite the company announcing new artificial intelligence features, and shares of the company’s suppliers also fell after Apple’s latest AI platform was seen as a disappointment.
  • Billionaire Elon Musk He said he would ban Apple devices from his company if they were to be used in a similar way. OpenAI The software is integrated at the operating system level, That’s what we call a security risk.

Financial Market Performance:

  • of USD Index There was buying in reaction to expectations of an interest rate cut. 105.150, I’m back at the 105 handle for the first time since May 14th.
  • of EUR/USD Stuck at 1.0770, GBPUSD falls It rose slightly today due to tough labor data.
  • USOIL The biggest gain since March came ahead of the release of an OPEC report outlining the market outlook.

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