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Thrasher, a psychedelic game from the artist behind Thumper, arrives in July

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SlasherThe game, which the developers describe as a “heart-pounding arcade action-adventure,” will be available for Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro on July 25, with a SteamVR version coming at a later date. Slasher It was first announced at last year’s Game Awards as a new project from Brian Gibson, the nightmarish rhythm game artist and composer. Thumper. for SlasherGibson teamed up with Mike Mandell, known for developing games such as: Rock Band VR and FuserResponsible for coding, research and development.

In Thrasher, players take control of a space eel and must guide it through eerie landscapes with “high-speed gesture controls” to evolve it to defeat the space baby god by the end of its journey. Based on images and teasers released by the developer so far, the game’s environments look truly mind-blowing with psychedelic neon colors and geometric patterns. Even the eel’s powers are hallucinogenic. Players can fight bosses by spraying rainbow-colored bullets or bulldoze environmental elements with a glow of color and light.

The developer said: Slasher’s “The music, visuals and gameplay come together to create an amazing experience for players.” The virtual reality version offers gamers the most immersive option, but Slasher It will be available on consoles and PC in the future.

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