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Best 3D Printers for 2024

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Whether you’re a crafting enthusiast interested in prototyping or a tabletop gaming enthusiast looking to expand your collection of tiles and terrain, a 3D printer might be just the manufacturing tool you need.

Our Recommendations

This 3D printer produces excellent prints without any manual adjustments and took only a short time to set up in our tests.

The Bambu Lab A1 Mini stood out among other 3D printers we tested as the easiest to use model, while still maintaining competitive print quality and speed. A guided setup process means no fiddling with settings, and Bambu Lab offers both a mobile app (to help you set up the printer and monitor print progress) and desktop software (to prepare files and send them to the printer). The A1 Mini comes with similar software to its more expensive siblings in the P1 and X1 lines, only missing upgrades for printing tricky materials like ABS and carbon fiber. If you want that functionality, check out our upgrade pick, the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon.

Choose your upgrade

The sibling of our top pick, this printer adds an enclosed print space, a more robust nozzle, and other features for printing engineering-grade materials.

The Bambu Lab X1-Carbon is the company’s flagship printer. It prints just as fast and reliably as our top pick, the A1 Mini, but adds features for those who want the reliability of a heated, enclosed print area and the option to print with stronger materials.

The X1-Carbon includes an upgraded screen, an enclosed print bed for better temperature control, and rider It uses a sensor to scan the first layer and detect any printing errors. Together with the hardened steel nozzle, these features make the X1-Carbon a versatile printer for use in schools and industrial prototyping labs. It also comes with a camera that allows you to check your print.

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