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Friday Links

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1. New AI Video Generatoris open to the public.

2. The Chicago Cubs really hurt themselves in day games. (Substack, a relatively new startup run by a GMU PhD student); and His (Nicholas Dekker’s) observations on unemployment in South Africa.

3. Major deposit of rare earth minerals discovered in NorwayNever underestimate supply elasticity.

Four. Summary of the Mediterranean Dietand other diets.

5. “Israel is using catapults. China and India are fighting with clubs and knives along the LOC. Trench warfare is taking place in Ukraine. The retro war continues.” Link here.

6. Search instead of scaling? and Further results in that general directionMany in the “AI Winter camp” are not taking these instructions seriously. And From Rohit: “This is surprising, and also why it’s so hard to determine what an llm can’t do, because giving an llm a template for doing something is the same as teaching an llm to do it.”

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