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Microsoft has now completely paused new AI recalls for Windows 11.

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Microsoft continues its gradual backsliding over its controversial AI-powered “photographic memory” recall feature, announcing that it will pause the consumer rollout for now.

The tool is designed to revamp the search experience on the device by referencing screenshot data that is constantly being captured on a PC, drawing the ire of privacy experts.

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Last week, Microsoft sought to strengthen a feature it announced at Build by revealing that screenshots would only be accessible if you were logged into Windows 11 with biometric authentication. The company also said it was giving users a clear choice on whether to opt in to the feature, which captures whatever is on your screen at the time you take the screenshot and makes it searchable with word, image and context recognition.

The company says it has no immediate plans to roll out Recall as part of the Windows 11 experience for everyday users of new Copilot+ PCs.

The company said it will be testing it with its beta testing community, Windows Insiders, to get more feedback and understand how it is used by that user base before releasing it to the general public.

in Updated the blog post The company said: “We are leveraging the expertise of the Windows Insider community and adjusting our release model for Recall to ensure this experience meets our high quality and security standards. This decision is based on our commitment to providing a reliable, secure and robust experience for all customers and to solicit additional feedback before rolling out the feature to all Copilot+ PC users.”

Microsoft also points out that it has added additional security measures, such as “just-in-time” decryption, which ensures that screenshots are only decrypted if the person trying to access them is the actual owner of the computer.

If you can easily find files on your PC even when you don’t know the file name, are you comfortable using Recall in Windows 11? Let us know on Twitter @trustedreviews.

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