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Thomas Schelling gets his LLM?

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Drawing on literature on escalation dynamics in political science and international relations, we designed a novel wargame simulation and scoring framework to assess the escalation risk of actions taken by these agents in various scenarios. Unlike previous studies, our study provides both qualitative and quantitative insights and focuses on large-scale language models (LLMs). We find that all five off-the-shelf LLMs we studied exhibit forms of escalation and escalation patterns that are difficult to predict. We observe that the models tend to develop arms race dynamics, which lead to larger conflicts and even the deployment of nuclear weapons in rare cases. Qualitatively, we also collect the models’ reported inferences for selected actions and observe alarming justifications based on deterrence and pre-emptive strike tactics.

it is A new paper by Juan Pablo Rivera et al..,Excellent Ethan MorrickKeep in mind that these recommended tactics are aimed at the United States, so the LLM may simply be saying that the US should be more tough-minded.

This article, “How did Thomas Schelling meet the Master of Laws?”, first appeared on Marginal REVOLUTION.

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