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Victorian Council to consult on building two million new homes by 2050

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Premier Jacinta Allan and Minister for Planning Sonia Kilkenny, along with Kingston Mayor Jenna Davie-Burns, have announced draft housing capacity targets for each Victorian local government (LGA), with final targets due to be announced by the end of the year.

These proposed targets represent the latest development in the State Government’s wider effort to build an additional two million homes in the State by the 2050s, pre-empting the pressures of future population growth.

Victoria has the highest annual population growth of any state in Australia, so the goal is explained as being primarily focused on providing access to “the jobs, transport and services Victorians need”.

As part of the State’s mission to further tailor each target to the specific needs of each LGA, the Government will aim to incorporate feedback and changes suggested by each LGA into the final targets to be published later this year.

“We want to work collaboratively with the council to build more homes in areas where people want to live. “To get closer to people and the things they love,” Kilkenny said of the initiative’s goal.

The Victorian government also detailed that the proposed target would help achieve the Housing Policy Statement’s aim of “building 70 per cent of new homes in established areas and 30 per cent in suburban growth areas”.

The goal is to improve access to jobs, transport and services in major cities and towns through the delivery of new housing to regional and rural areas, with the City of Greater Geelong in particular proposed to accommodate 139,800 new homes by 2051.

“To give the industry the confidence it needs to start building, we need the government and all councils committed to the same goal – more housing for Victorians. “In the right place,” Alan said.

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