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You don’t have to spend more than a dollar to get a great nail clip

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As I was developing my own style in the late ’90s and early 2000s, I loved the dELiA catalog and Limited Too, and was always adorned with clips in my hair, from tiny butterfly clips to giant banana clips, so it’s no surprise that as an adult, I own at least 15 claw clips.

Despite being born in a suburban shopping mall, they’re incredibly functional: I’ve yet to find another style of clip that can quickly gather hair around your neck in an elegant yet relaxed way — and it’s a lot more carefree than a ponytail clamped down with an elastic band.

And unlike many other accessories, when you remove the Claw Clips they don’t leave a dent in your hairstyle—in fact, my hair after a Claw Clip Twist often looks as beautifully bouncy and voluminous as it did the second day after I blow-dried it.

Of course, what’s old is new again, and claw clips have gone from quirky to cool. (I wish the same could be said for those fake band shirts and colored skinny jeans I bought in college.) My collection includes some staples, like tortoiseshell clips and pearly white clips that wouldn’t look out of place on Lizzie McGuire.

But when it comes to novelty clips, we’ve gone way beyond butterfly clips. We now have ones shaped like lobsters and even little shiny bunnies. You may have seen girls on Instagram and TikTok using hard plastic plumeria clips to hold their ponytails in place.

A few clips from my collection, including one pink and one black clip from the Tocess 8 Pack Big Hair Claw Clip Set. Photo: Catherine Kast

But amidst a sea of ​​clips, there’s one thing I’m always excited to stumble across at the bottom of my bag: the Big Hair Claw Clip by Tocess.

I first decided to buy these clips a few years ago when my colleague, Senior Staff Writer Caitlin Wells, recommended them. “My hair is long and curly, and sometimes it gets a bit unmanageable,” Wells says. “The Big Claw Clips are my go-to hair accessory for holding my curls together while styling, or when it’s hot outside and I want to give my neck a break. In two years, I haven’t broken a single clip, and they stay in place even when I sleep with them in my hair.”

This pack of eight matte plastic hair clips comes in two styles, a standard curved claw clip and a straight clip with a rectangular cutout, and are surprisingly sturdy for the price. The clips hold securely on a variety of hair types, but some people may find them too bulky.

Since then, I’ve bought several packs of clips to hand out as gifts to my kids’ Gen Z babysitters, friends with hair longer than a bob, and more. These matte plastic clips come in packs of eight and cost less than a dollar each, so they’re not exactly extravagant. I keep a couple by my front door so I can grab one when I head out. Though the plastic clips are of questionable origin, they’re more durable (and chic) ​​than they need be.

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