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Summary of Forex Weekly Economic Events for June 25, 2024

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follow me Follow us on Facebook of Foreign exchange Weekly economic events summary for May It prepares traders for some particularly impactful economic news releases scheduled for the coming week. NewsMovementsMarketsForex® Every week we publish a useful snapshot Global Forex Economic Calendar The main ones that explain the movements of the FX market in detail. One of the most important ones is G-10 Central Bank Monetary Policy Meeting. It is important to note that G-10 refers to the group of ten major countries in the world who agreed to enter into an agreement related to the International Monetary Fund in order to borrow more money for the IMF’s use. These fundamental economic announcements and indicators are Central Bank Interest Rate Decisions, U.S. employment report, gross domestic product, consumer price index, etc. Does the news move the market? It is very important for traders to keep up with all the upcoming high impact Forex economic news releases. This can be a very useful tool if properly utilized in your trading plan. “Remember, a smart trader plans, prepares, exercises careful risk management, and always stays one step ahead, knowing when to enter and exit the market at the most opportune moment.” According to the Triennial Central Bank Survey Forex conducted in 2022, the global FX market turnover averages $7 trillion. The US Dollar (USD) is the most traded currency in the global market for Forex, with 88% of daily transactions bought and sold in this survey. The second most traded currency is the Euro, according to a 2016 TCB survey. (EUR) It accounts for 36% of all buy and sell transactions. The third most traded currency is the Japanese Yen. (JPY) It accounts for 21.6% of daily buying and selling transactions. The fourth most traded currency on the Forex market is the pound sterling. (GBP) This represents 12.8% of daily buying and selling transactions. Finally, the fifth most traded currency is the Australian Dollar (Australian Dollar) accounts for 6.9% of daily buying and selling transactions.

Summary of Forex Weekly Economic Events for June 25, 2024

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