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5 Best Bike Handlebar Bags for 2024

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Bike handlebar bags are simple.

It’s a bicycle waist pouch that’s made with all the specific needs of cycling in mind, like being able to open it on the move and access your subway card and keys.

Good shoes won’t change your life, but they can keep your back from getting so sweaty after riding your bike around town and getting to the office or the party or the office party. And you might even end up being less sweaty at the party. Intention change your life.

After spending over 30 hours interviewing cycling pros and researching handlebar bags, we picked out 20 bags, strapped them to our bikes and started riding, and now we’re convinced that the Road Runner Bags California Burrito is the best choice for anyone looking to change the way they ride their bike.

Our Recommendations

Designed to take up minimal space on your handlebars, this Cordura nylon bag is simple and easy to use, and holds just what you need.

The Road Runner Bag California Burrito is simply designed to be efficient, elegant, and durable. This 3.3 liter tube bag (about the size of a six-pack) will hold all the essentials you need for a day on the bike: wallet, phone, keys, tools, snacks, a light jacket, and more. This is the largest bag Road Runner makes; smaller bags will do the trick, of course, but it’s nice to have the extra space.

The nylon strap can be adjusted to fit the width of your handlebars, a simple yet unique feature that makes this bag stand out from others we tested. It has a single zipper that’s easy to operate while on the bike and a side pocket for small items you want quick access to. It’s made of durable Cordura nylon and comes in six fun colors to match your bike. The California Burrito easily transforms into a shoulder bag with Roadrunner’s Universal Shoulder Strap (sold separately, $17).

Recommended for those on a budget

Sleek and low-profile, this polyurethane-coated polyester handlebar bag is just the right size for all-day carry, although the handlebar mounting system could use some improvement.

The Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag is sleek enough to take anywhere, but in testing we found that its Velcro harness attachment system isn’t as functional for attaching to a bike as the buckles on our top and runner-up bags. While some might consider a $65 bag “budget,” we’ve decided that the $50 to $60 range is the bottom line for what you want to spend on a bag that’s sturdy enough not to swing around on your handlebars.

This 3 litre rectangular bag is the size of two takeaway containers (classic White folding box). The lid swings open toward you, making it easy to access items while on the bike. This feature isn’t unique, but it’s not common to all handlebar bags. The Helix doesn’t have an exterior pocket, but it does have two interior mesh pockets. It’s made from a durable, water-resistant polyurethane-coated polyester material that’s stiff enough to hold its shape even when empty. The bag’s stowable sling strap makes it easy to carry off the bike.

Choose your upgrade

Made from recycled laminated nylon sailcloth, the Catalyst is a roomy, well-built bag that works equally well on and off the bike. It’s quite pricey.

The Swift Industries Catalyst Pack is the only bag that looks like a messenger bag off the bike, but functions as a handlebar bag on the bike. It’s rectangular in shape with a top flap that clips to the front of the pack and a clasp that fastens on the inside like an over-the-shoulder bag. It’s a pricey bag, but its commuter-friendly features make it unmatched. It’s made from durable, water-resistant materials. Ecopack EPLX400 Fabricis a recycled nylon material originally designed for sailcloth. The slightly smaller Catalyst is the perfect size for bike commuting.

With a capacity of 7.5 liters, this bag is just big enough for small dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers. In fact, it was the only bag we tested that felt sturdy enough to carry your furry friend safely on your bike’s handlebars. We were able to stuff an entire 3-liter box of wine, a warm jacket, snacks, tools, and a book into the bag. The Catalyst is quite large, but small enough to fit on almost any handlebar and surprisingly lightweight. The expandable lid is also convenient for quickly stuffing a jacket underneath while riding.


This high-tech quick-release mount bag is made from fully waterproof polyurethane-coated Cordura nylon and is easily accessible off the bike, but it doesn’t come with a handlebar mount, which you’ll have to spend at least $30 to get one.

The Ortlieb Ultimate Urban Handlebar Bag looks like a surprisingly fashionable lunchbox that’s easy to use while on the bike and has a 5 litre capacity that holds a lot of stuff. The bag easily fits a 6 pack of cans and also has space for a few sandwiches to complete your picnic.

The lid is magnetic and opens away from the rider, so it doesn’t get caught between you and the rider-facing opening of the bag, meaning you can open it one-handed and search for the contents while on the bike (it was the only bag we were confident of doing so with).

There’s also a touchscreen-compatible clear pocket on the top of the lid so you can see your phone at all times – handy for looking at maps on your phone. The mounting system for this bag does have to be purchased separately (starting at $30), however, and there are multiple mounting options to suit different riders’ needs and different types of bikes, including e-bikes.


This small, sturdy polyurethane-coated polyester bag will keep your essentials lightweight while still carrying them.

The Rapha Bar Bag is surprisingly well made for a small capacity bag. Everything about this bag speaks to superior craftsmanship, from a close look at the interior lining – which is perfectly constructed – to the way the straps fasten to the outside of the bag. The rigid polyurethane coated nylon material means it doesn’t sag on your handlebars, which is unusual for a small handlebar bag.

The main compartment remains especially accessible when the bag is on the bike, thanks to the easiest zipper of any bag we tested. The bag has two interior mesh pockets for small items, plus an exterior zippered pocket for anything you want to keep separate while riding. The bag is just large enough for the essentials, like a light jacket, a multi-tool, a tube, and a bar or two, making it a good choice for recreational rides or fair-weather commutes.

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