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iFi ZEN Blue 3 is the world’s first lossless wireless DAC

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It’s almost overwhelming with the number of products iFi is releasing in 2024, but now we have news that the audio brand will be launching two more products.

The iFi Zen Blue 3 and Zen CAN 3 are new additions to iFi’s vast range of audio devices, and both pack a punch.

The Zen CAN 3 is a headphone amplifier that supports xMEMs speakers (which we featured here ), and in iFi’s words, its presence allows you to “reach a new dimension of audio quality, delivering superior clarity and fidelity during your listening sessions.”

iFi ZEN-CAN-3 Products
Credit: iFi

But music isn’t the only thing the Zen CAN 3 aims to improve. Games and movies are improved, too. With two new analog EQ modes, Movie EQ helps boost dialogue intelligibility, while Game mode makes low-level sounds more audible so you can hear everything that’s going on in your gaming world.

The Zen CAN 3 also has increased power output to 2000mW to drive headphones with a wide range of impedances, and now has adjustable gain from 0-18dB with +6dB steps to match your headphones.

The Zen CAN 3 is on sale now for £229 / $229 / CA$229 / AU$229 / €229.

The Zen Blue 3 claims to be the world’s first wireless DAC that can send and receive lossless CD-quality data without any data loss, supporting Bluetooth 5.4 and Qualcomm’s aptX Lossless codec, as well as Hi-Res 96kHz streams via LDAC and LDHC/HWA.

Credit: iFi

This increased quality will also benefit mobile devices, allowing services such as Tidal and Qobuz to be listened to as intended (although this requires an Android-compatible smartphone), and iFi says that home cinema enthusiasts will be able to enjoy higher quality audio on their Hi-Res Bluetooth headphones.

Wireless audio isn’t the only thing the Zen Blue 3 can power – it can also function as a traditional wired DAC via USB-C or S/PDIF input.

The Zen Blue 3 will be priced at £299 / $299 / CAD299 / AU$299 / €299, and will be available to buy from July 9th.

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