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XT discovers $MOOLA (Degen Forest) listing

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XT is the world’s first socially-infused trading platform. MOOLA (Degenforest) Innovation Zone (Layer 2 and DeFi) Platform and Moola/USDT Trading pairs are After 14:00 2024-6-24 (UTC).


Moolah MOOLA is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Ethereum Layer 1 blockchain with a total supply of approximately 600 million tokens. It is a dynamic and versatile utility token that plays a pivotal role within the Degen Forest ecosystem. Designed to facilitate a wide range of transactions and incentives, MOOLA token is essential for seamless operations and a rewarding experience for users. As a utility token, MOOLA not only enhances revenue generation but also provides exclusive benefits to its holders, making it an essential part of our platform.

One of the main features of MOOLA tokens is their ability to reward beta testers of our innovative technology. Each transaction made within the Degen Forest ecosystem will earn MOOLA tokens for beta testers, encouraging active participation and engagement. This reward system not only encourages user activity but also contributes to the overall growth and robustness of our platform. MOOLA tokens offer significant discounts on a variety of purchases, including state-of-the-art Degen Vault hardware wallets and a wide range of merchandise available in our store.

To further increase the value of MOOLA tokens, Degen Forest has implemented a strategic token burning mechanism. A portion of monthly profits will be used to buy back and burn MOOLA tokens, effectively reducing the total circulation. This intentional scarcity, combined with stable or increasing demand, is likely to drive up the value of MOOLA tokens. This approach not only rewards dedicated community members, but also ensures that the token remains a valuable asset within the cryptocurrency market.

Alvin Wallin, CEO of XT, He shared his excitement about the MOOLA token being listed on the platform: “We are pleased to welcome MOOLA to XT Exchange. From rewarding active beta testers to offering exclusive discounts and facilitating advanced features within the Degen Forest ecosystem, MOOLA’s unique utility makes it a stand-out token in the cryptocurrency space. We are confident that MOOLA will provide great value to our users and enhance their overall experience on the exchange.”

About Degenforest

Degen Forest is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, committed to providing cutting-edge infrastructure and services that make decentralized technology accessible and beneficial to everyone. Our project aims to bridge the gap between complex decentralized technologies and everyday users, fostering a community that is well-equipped to thrive in a decentralized world. Our dedication doesn’t end with technology; we are passionate about educating and empowering our community to make the most of the opportunities brought by the decentralized web.

At the heart of Degen Forest is the Degen Wallet, a comprehensive crypto solution designed to integrate a wide range of functionality from DeFi to NFTs. Degen Wallet acts as an all-in-one hub for various crypto activities, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and tools. Whether you’re engaged in yield farming, staking, or selling NFTs, Degen Wallet provides a streamlined and efficient experience, allowing users to easily manage their crypto assets and activity in one place.

As part of our ongoing innovation, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Degen Explore feature. This new feature will leverage the MOOLA token to help projects gain prominence within the app’s explore interface, providing an enhanced platform for discovering new and exciting projects. The Degen Explore feature is just one of the many ways the community is working to stay on the cutting edge of the decentralized web. Through these efforts, Degen Forest is not only advancing technology, but building a vibrant and empowered community that is ready to lead in the Web3 era.

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High Seas:

About XT

Founded in 2018, translation XT serves 6 million+ registered users, 500,000+ monthly active users, 40 million+ ecosystem users, and 800+ tokens with 1000+ trading pairs. Since then, XT cryptocurrency exchange has expanded its services by covering a wealth of trading categories, providing a safe, reliable and intuitive trading experience to its large user base. One such added feature is cryptocurrency futures trading, including USDT-M Futures and CoinM Futures perpetual contracts, as well as copy trading, which allows users to replicate top traders in real-time with just one click. Additionally, Futures Grid allows users to automate the buying and selling of futures contracts to make profits.

Website: home page



Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation to invest, nor is it intended to constitute investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. We strongly recommend that you conduct your due diligence, including consulting a professional financial advisor, before investing or trading in cryptocurrencies or securities.

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