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Today’s New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales – EMAIL Token, Xeon Protocol, 20EX

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TON’s partnership with Telegram has introduced several “play-to-earn” projects, bringing cryptocurrencies to a wider investor base. High-profile projects such as Notcoin (NOT) have launched on the TON network, reflecting the growing momentum towards wider cryptocurrency adoption. At the same time, Hong Kong has begun piloting China’s digital yuan, signaling growing acceptance of digital currencies.

Amid this favorable market outlook, investors New cryptocurrency launches, listings and pre-salesThis article aims to help, by compiling a comprehensive list of such tokens.

New cryptocurrency releases, listings and presales today

Xeon Protocol, an ERC20 hedging and lending platform, is designed to provide investors with OTC tools to increase liquidity and manage risk. Similarly, EtherMail is an innovative email platform that bridges Web2 and Web3, making it easier for users and brands to transition into the Web3 world.

In a significant development, PEPU’s presale phase raised $233,677, demonstrating strong investment interest. Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 saw its shares soar more than 15% after it announced a $150 million AI investment.

1. Xeon Protocol (XEON)

Xeon Protocol is an ERC20 hedging and lending platform designed to provide investors with OTC tools for further liquidity release and risk management. Investors can hedge their ERC20 tokens through call options, put options, and equity swaps. Additionally, investors can use their ERC20 tokens as collateral for loans, and all transactions are processed on the blockchain using a trustless OTC mechanism.

Given the volatile nature of the crypto market, Xeon Protocol aims to provide users with advanced solutions to protect their investments. Unlike other DeFi platforms, Xeon Protocol values ​​ERC20 tokens based on their DEX pair value and accepts them as collateral for OTC trading. This comprehensive approach allows investors to turn volatility into opportunity, especially for those holding ERC20 tokens. The protocol addresses the industry’s current limitation where ERC20 tokens are often excluded from fundamental financial tools and are only available on Dexes such as Uniswap.

Xeon Protocol has entered into a strategic partnership with Proof Platform, a prominent incubator known for its strong token launch capabilities and portfolio of successful projects. The collaboration aims to strengthen Xeon’s position as the leading DeFi tool suite for all ERC20 tokens and beyond.

Additionally, Xeon Protocol has integrated with PaalMind to leverage AI to improve customer support, real-time data updates, interactive communication, and display of protocol information. The partnership leverages custom data feeds and large-scale language models (LLMs) to better understand protocols for users.

Additionally, Xeon Protocol has completed KYC verification with AssureDefi and had three core team members verify it. This commitment to transparency will be important as the platform approaches its upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE). In summary, Xeon Protocol offers a unique approach to the management of ERC20 tokens, providing robust liquidity and risk management tools while fostering transparency and strategic partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem.

2. EMAIL Token (EMT)

EtherMail is an innovative email platform that bridges Web2 and Web3, simplifying the transition for users and brands into the Web3 world by providing encrypted peer-to-peer email communication, wallet integration, rewards for engagement with promotional emails, and more. EtherMail aims to enhance businesses’ outreach by sharing relevant content and building stronger relationships with NFT and token holders.

One of EtherMail’s key features is its token reward system, where users can earn $EMT tokens to participate in marketing campaigns. Another notable feature is the integration of consensus-based marketing and AI, which gives users control over the promotional content they receive. AI algorithms customize content based on user preferences, which increases the relevance and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

EMT Price List

Additionally, EtherMail offers premium features, giving access to advanced functionality within the platform. $EMT tokens will further support the growth of the ecosystem. These tokens incentivize developers to build and integrate decentralized applications (dApps) that enhance the platform’s functionality.

EtherMail utilizes blockchain technology to ensure secure, anonymous email communications and keep user data private. This user-empowered approach gives individuals full ownership and control over their inbox, marking a significant departure from traditional email services dominated by large tech companies.

The consensus-based marketing model allows users to opt-in to receive promotional content and be rewarded with $EMT tokens, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and consumers. For individuals, EtherMail offers a private and secure Web3 inbox, while businesses can utilize the marketing hub and advertising platform to run targeted, blockchain-synced campaigns.

EtherMail has several partnerships to enhance its services, such as collaborations with Octo8Gaming, Primex, Nefture, InnMind, Superlotl, and Portalcoin to integrate gaming rewards, leverage spot trading, and enhance Web3 security, as well as provide semi-permanent tattoos and connect gamers across different platforms.

3. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained It stands out in the crowded memecoin market by emerging as an advanced version of the original Pepe project. The token acts as a layer 2 solution on the Ethereum network, aiming to improve transaction efficiency with faster speeds and lower costs.

Unique in its approach, it is the first Pepe-themed token to create a blockchain infrastructure. The project’s narrative depicts Pepe breaking free from traditional Layer 1 constraints, thus highlighting the evolution of technology designed to appeal to investors seeking innovation and efficiency in cryptocurrency.

Additionally, Pepe Unchained’s distribution of 8 billion PEPU tokens reflects a carefully planned roadmap for sustainable growth. Notably, 20% of tokens have been allocated for presale and the remaining 20% ​​for marketing, prioritizing early momentum and investor engagement.

Additionally, 10% will be allocated to liquidity, project financing, and on-chain operations to ensure stability and trading liquidity. 30% will be reserved for staking, highlighting the project’s focus on encouraging long-term investor participation.

The staking feature offers an impressive 2535% APY, attracting investors interested in passive income.

Initial results from the presale indicate strong demand for PEPU tokens, priced at $0.0080641 each, suggesting both affordability and growth potential. So far, the presale has raised $815,134, with just two days until the next price increase. Investors can purchase PEPU tokens using ETH, USDT, or BNB, however staking returns are only available for ETH and USDT trading.

The inclusion of bank cards as a payment method will also increase accessibility to potential investors. Pepe Unchained’s roadmap outlines incremental growth stages after the presale, with the value expected to rise as milestones are achieved. Overall, Pepe Unchained Combining innovative technology with strategic planning to attract diverse investors, we present a compelling case for those interested in the meme coin market.

Visit Pepe Unchained Presale

4. 20EX (20EX)

20Ex provides a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem including LaunchPad, cross-chain bridge, Layer2 solution, and multi-chain exchange. It emphasizes security and decentralization through a UTXO mode bridge for asset transfer, and supports BRC20 and RUNE tokens.

Layer 2 technology addresses the data silos inherent in Bitcoin transactions and integrates UTXO mapping into 20Ex’s architecture via the cell model. This approach enables off-chain validation and solves the problem of data fragmentation within BTC transactions.

20EX Price Chart

In terms of infrastructure, 20Ex is developing a multi-chain exchange that allows seamless trading across major blockchain networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polkadot. The exchange features a robust account system, wallets, and identity verification protocols supported by an order matching engine. Security audits and performance testing are essential to ensure a secure trading environment.

The ecosystem’s LaunchPad provides two main modes, “Firay Lunch” and IDO, and supports various token issuance models to promote community engagement and liquidity. In addition, the cross-chain bridge in UTXO mode differs from the traditional staking model by maintaining decentralization, enhancing asset security during cross-chain transfers.

In recent partnerships, 20Ex has worked with BitlayerLabs and Value Dex to enhance Bitcoin security and trading experience across decentralized exchanges. These partnerships aim to innovate within the Bitcoin ecosystem by leveraging Layer 2 solutions and expanding trading possibilities across the Solana and EVM chains. Additionally, collaborations with RuneDukes, CoinHome, BERU Protocol, and TaprootChain highlight 20Ex’s commitment to integrating diverse blockchain projects and technologies into the ecosystem.

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