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An iPhone with an easily replaceable battery may be on the way

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Apple continues to develop more easily replaceable batteries for its iPhone devices, which may come to fruition with the iPhone 16 later this year.

this is, informationThe company says it is close to introducing user-replaceable batteries to comply with European Union law.

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The law is part of a push towards self-healing and sustainability, and requires smartphone manufacturers to comply with accessible tools by 2027.

A report today said that Apple is “considering using new technology to make battery swaps a little easier for consumers.”

The report, which cited five manufacturing sources, said Apple is considering “electrical induction adhesive removal,” a process that would use a small electric shock to remove the adhesive tape that secures the battery.

Currently, battery removal is performed at Apple Stores and other authorized retailers using specialized processes and equipment.

While this change makes it easier for iPhone users to achieve, they still have to pry open the iPhone’s case to access the battery.

When the EU passed the law last summer Manufacturers are now required to “design portable batteries for consumer electronics products in such a way that they can be easily removed and replaced by consumers themselves.”

We’re unlikely to ever go back to the days of being able to slide off a back panel — it was never possible to do that on an iPhone anyway — because of all the implications it would have on the device’s water and dust resistance.

But we’d all welcome an easier solution to replace the battery without having to make a trip to the Apple Store.

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