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Turku Food Hall – Marginal Revolution

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This is probably My favourite food hallBuilt in 1896, the building stands out for its basic character, the exhibits are beautiful and Scandinavian, and there’s a wide range of cuisine to choose from for lunch. Great Mexican food(They told me they buy their tortillas from other Mexicans in the Czech Republic.) I bought some salami and brown bread from another stall, both of which were as delicious as any I’ve ever eaten.

A lot of food halls are overrated – they pretend to have a lot going for them but don’t really offer much that you’d actually want to buy and eat – but Turku’s Food Hall is a real winner.

whole, Turku I felt it was more Swedish and stylish than Helsinki. The city’s Swedish name, Åbo, can be seen everywhere, and one of the universities still teaches in Swedish. It has a strong image as a university town. However, with a population of 202,000, it is more laid-back than Helsinki and there is not much to do. Alvar Aalto’s early architecture.

I heard that there are 77 Mexicans living in Turku.

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