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What he believes about Bitcoin

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Earlier this week, advocates of free speech around the world celebrated the final release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from a British prison after five years in prison.

Assange, who has been fighting legal battles to escape persecution from multiple governments for more than a decade, has often turned to cryptocurrencies to fuel his global fundraising campaign to secure his freedom. Newly discovered video footage filmed years before Assange’s arrest shows him praising cryptocurrencies as a powerful tool for freedom.

What does Julian Assange think about Bitcoin?

September 2014 clip share Speaking at a speech delivered by MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor, Assange called Bitcoin “the most interesting intellectual development on the internet” since the network’s launch in 2009.

“A lot of people who have heard of Bitcoin don’t really understand it,” he said at the time. “Bitcoin is a cryptographically backed, multi-jurisdictional currency, which means it would be very difficult for any powerful group to start turning it into a means to profit.”

A few years after this speech, countries like El Salvador and companies like Strike began to use Bitcoin as a tool for sending and receiving cheap, instant international remittances.

Additionally, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become a major tool to easily fund global humanitarian efforts, such as Ukraine’s military defense against Russia and Israel’s support for victims of Hamas.

But this is not one of Bitcoin’s main advantages, according to Assange: one of the network’s best properties, he said, is its ability to “protect itself and those who use it from the full force of a superpower.”

Bitcoin breaks Orwell’s maxim

“Another underlying fundamental technology is public proof of a particular point in time,” he continued. Bitcoin’s blockchain operates an immutable ledger of true events, and the network can “break the Orwellian maxim” that “he who controls the present controls the past,” he argued.

Indeed, for better or worse, Bitcoin has repeatedly been used as a tool to circumvent sanctions by governments: in 2022, a convoy of Canadian truck drivers protesting a nationwide vaccination mandate raised funds in Bitcoin after traditional payment platforms like GoFundMe blocked donations.

Assange himself turned to cryptocurrencies to raise funds after his imprisonment in the UK, including more than $54 million in ETH through the AssangeDAO.

“That’s the big next development for Bitcoin. Everything flows from this basic premise,” Assange concluded. “You can prove that a particular contract happened globally at a particular time.”

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