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Philips’ new smart lock has a built-in palm scanner that talks to your hand

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Philips has unveiled a new smart door lock that can be unlocked by scanning the homeowner’s palm.

The new Philips 5000 Series Smart Deadbolt features a palm scanner, allowing touch-free access for authorized users.

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This model Available in the US First announced at CES 2024 in January, the smartwatch now retails for $359.99 and comes equipped with a palm vein recognition feature that the company claims is 99.9% accurate, making it suitable for users of all ages and able to recognize even dirty hands.

The lock not only supports palm recognition, but also mechanical keys (a real thoughtful touch), PIN codes, and the company’s Home Access app.

The device can register 50 palm vein patterns, which should be enough to grant access to anyone who may need to enter your home on a regular basis. This additional feature makes it easier to get into your home even if you can’t reach your keys or cell phone.

At the time, Philips described it as “the world’s first residential palm-recognition smart deadbolt,” and its feature set is demonstrated in the video below.

As well as touch-free unlocking from the outside, it also has sensors that automatically unlock it from the inside when they sense your approach and automatically lock it when you leave the premises.

The proposal builds on many existing features, such as geofencing, which can sense when you’re approaching with an app and automatically unlock your phone when you get close.

You can also set up custom codes for dog walkers, cleaners, or anyone else who needs access, and there’s support for voice control from Alexa or Google Assistant, but it’s nice to know that the device itself can always talk to your hand, at least figuratively.

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