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Finland knows how to troll MR commentators

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Maybe that’s why I love this country so much.

Ideally, Marianne Korkalainen Every year, the high school in Rautavaara, a small town in eastern Finland, accepts at least 20 new students. But this fall, only about a dozen students from the town’s shrinking population will be enrolled at the school. But the school’s principal, Korkalainen, has a plan: invite a half-dozen young people from poorer countries to fill the vacancies. Ambitious students from Myanmar, Vietnam, Tanzania and other countries will leave tropical cities and travel to Korkalainen’s snowy hideaway. They’ll receive a Finnish education at Finnish taxpayers’ expense.

here From the EconomistFinland will soon experience a population decline, and even worse,

By 2030, the country could see a nearly 10% decline in the number of children aged 4 to 18. european union Projections suggest student numbers could fall by a fifth by 2040. That’s especially problematic for rural schools, which are struggling with both low birth rates and population migration to cities. Hundreds of schools have closed in recent decades. In an effort to retain local youth, some are offering perks like free driving lessons and small cash “scholarships.”

Finnish start-up Finest Future sells Finnish language lessons to poor students around the world, preparing them for a taxpayer-subsidized education in Finland. Recruiting talent this way is thought to be easier and more effective than finding talented job candidates abroad and training them in Finnish later. Stuff them with Kalevala!

Finland’s foreign-born population is around 9 percent, well below the Western European average. I’m not sure if this school policy is a good idea, but I’m sure most people aren’t very good at thinking in cost-benefit terms.

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