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2pm Water Cooler July 4, 2004

by xyonent
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By Lambert Strether of Corrente

Today’s Bird Song

Loon, Redstone Lake, Ontario, Canada. “A few calls and splashes. A good quality alarm call quietly echoes in the background.”

* * *

Dear Readers, I had no plans to do a watercooler today, but suddenly, my timeline is inundated with the phrase “free yourself from the burden of the past.” Left, right, and center, everywhere.

Here is its origin and it would be better to address the issue here.

(I have a rule not to cite “studies” from the Democratic or Republican National Conventions, but I’m breaking it this time. I don’t think they’re faking it. Because they don’t have to.

• But tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward; up, not forward, and always spin toward freedom.

• As a leader, I use power like a drum and leadership like a violin. Take any idea you have. Compare the ideas. There is no doubt about the one idea that remains with us, and no doubt we have enthusiasm.

Time to throw some more shrimp on the barbecue.

* * *

Contact information for plants: Dear readers, please feel free to contact lambert [UNDERSCORE] Strether [DOT] correct [AT] Yahoo! [DOT] Visit PayPal.com to find out (a) how to send a check if you’re allergic to PayPal and (b) how to send a picture of your plant. Vegetables are fine! Fungi, lichens, and corals are considered honorary plants! If you’d like your handle credited, put (thus) in parentheses at the top of your email. If not, we’ll anonymize you by using your initials. See the previous Water Cooler (with plants) here. From Upstater:

Upstater wrote: “It’s that time of year again. These are Japanese irises. I got these rhizomes from a long-lost neighbour and they always remind me of our friendship.”

* * *

reader: The water cooler is a separate entity do not have It’s funded by our annual NC fundraiser. If you especially like a link or see an item you can’t find anywhere else, please feel free to show your appreciation in a tangible way. Remember, the tip jar is for putting tips in. Getting regular positive feedback feels good and lets you know your coverage is moving in the right direction.If we don’t get any donations for 3-4 days, we get worried. More specifically, trickle-in donations help us save money and we take them into account when setting our fundraising goals.

Here’s the screen you’ll see, annotated for clarity:

If you don’t like PayPal, email lambert [UNDERSCORE] Strether [DOT] correct [AT] Yahoo! [DOT] Please visit us at www.your-check.com and we will provide you with instructions on how to send a check. Thank you!

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