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Which PS5 headset is better?

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Have you finally bought your PlayStation 5 and are looking for the perfect gaming headset to go with your console? We’ve got you covered.

We compared the budget-friendly PlayStation Pulse Elite with the premium Sony InZone H9 to help you decide which gaming headset is right for you.

The Sony InZone H9 has a noise cancelling function.

The Sony InZone H9 employs the same Dual Noise Sensor technology for noise cancellation as the 1000X series of headphones, which include the WF-1000XM5 and WH-1000XM5 (both of which have received five-star reviews from us).

In our review, we found that the InZone H9 did an “excellent job” at blocking out most noise, “blocking out most of the sounds of keyboards, fans, and people talking in the garden, even with music at half volume.”

With the InZone H9, you can switch between noise cancelling and ambient sound modes with the press of a button on the headset, so you never miss important external sounds like phone calls.

Instead, the Pulse Elite comes equipped with AI-enhanced noise cancellation. Sony explains that this new tech is trained to “identify and remove unwanted noise when capturing your voice.” This is handy when discussing tactics with your team, but it’s worth noting that the headphones don’t feature active noise-cancelling technology. However, we did find that the ear cups are “noise-blocking” by design.

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Sony InZone H9 features spatial audio

The InZone H9 features 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming, which delivers an immersive gaming experience and allows you to hear even the most subtle sounds. Sony explains that 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming technology features a new game virtualizer that recreates spatial sound from multi-channel audio signals exactly as the game creator intended.

While the Pulse Elite doesn’t technically boast spatial audio technology, our review found that putting the headphones on “resembles an IMAX experience with a wide, spatially aware soundscape and thumping bass.”

PlayStation Pulse Elite comes with a charging hanger

The Pulse Elite comes with a charging hanger so you can charge your headset while proudly displaying it – this isn’t essential of course, but it’s a nice extra to have.

Otherwise, both headsets have roughly the same battery life, with the InZone H9 offering slightly more at 32 hours compared to the Pulse Elite’s 30. However, while a 10-minute quick charge on the Pulse Elite will give you up to 2 hours of battery life, the InZone H9 only gets 60 minutes of battery life from the same quick charge.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Wall Mount
PlayStation Pulse Elite on a charging hanger

The PlayStation Pulse Elite is equipped with a retractable microphone

Both headsets are equipped with a microphone designed for clear communication while gaming, and the Pulse Elite’s built-in microphone is fully retractable so you can tuck it away when not in use.

Meanwhile, the Sony InZone H9 has a flip-up boom microphone with mute function, so although it’s not retractable, you can easily move it away from your face.

PlayStation Pulse Elite is now cheaper

A more premium option, the Sony InZone H9, retails for a hefty ยฃ229/$299.99 – by comparison, the Playstation Pulse Elite starts at just ยฃ129.99/$149.99.

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