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Calculated Risk: July 5 COVID Update: Wastewater Measures Surge

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by Calculated Risk July 5, 2024 8:29 PM

Note: Mortgage interest rates are Mortgage News Daily These are for top-level scenarios.

For deaths, the most recent three weeks are subject to significant revisions, so we are currently using four weeks ago as the “current” number.

Note: “Beginning May 1, 2024, hospitals will no longer be required to report COVID-19 hospitalizations, hospital capacity, or hospital occupancy data.“So I don’t track hospitalizations anymore.

COVID Indicators
now week
Deaths per week✅ 283 306 ≤3501
1My goal to stop posting every week is
🚩 Deaths are increasing every week

✅ Goal achieved.

COVID-19 deaths per weekClick on the graph to enlarge the image.

This chart shows the number of reported deaths by week (column by column).

The weekly death toll has fallen from a recent peak of 2,561 and is now below the low of 491 at the start of the pandemic last July. This week was the lowest point of the pandemic.

And here’s the graph I’m looking at: COVID in wastewater As of June 27th (no updates this week):

COVID-19 WastewaterThis appears to be a leading indicator of COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

COVID-19 in wastewater is increasing, particularly in the West and South, which unfortunately suggests that weekly deaths are likely to start to increase again.

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