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Epic announces that Apple has approved its third-party app store

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Update July 5th, 5:25pm: Epic announced that its game store had been approved by Apple on the same day it posted a tweet thread about Apple’s app submission process. The company has not commented further. One Tweet “We have been informed by Apple that our previously rejected Epic Games Store notarization application has been accepted,” it said.

Thirty minutes later, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said: “Apple is now telling reporters that the approval is temporary, and is demanding that the button be changed in the next version. This will make our store non-standard and difficult to use. We intend to fight back.”

There seems to be more to this story.

The original article documenting Epic’s petulant tweets is published below, unedited.

Epic says Apple has again rejected its third-party app store application. According to a series of posts by XThe company said Apple had rejected its latest complaint about the design and position of the “Install” button on its App Store, arguing that it was too similar to its own “Get” button. Apple also reportedly argued that Epic’s “in-app purchase” labels were too similar to its own for the same reasons.

Creator of Fortnite Some suggest this is just another blow in the long-running dispute between the two companies. Epic says it’s using the same “install” and “in-app purchase” naming conventions “found in popular app stores across multiple platforms.” As for design language, the company says it’s “following the standard conventions for iOS app buttons” and is simply “trying to build a store that’s easily understandable for mobile users.”

Epic said the refusal was “arbitrary, disruptive and in violation of the DMA.” As such, the company shares its concerns with the European Commission, which is tracking possible violations of the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company continues to block the sale of its Epic Games Store and Fortnite Unless Apple creates “further obstacles,” iOS is expected to be available in the EU within the next few months.

This is just the latest in a rivalry that’s been going on for years: the two companies have been fighting ever since Epic introduced its own in-app payment options for iOS games. FortniteThis allowed Apple to avoid its 30% cut.

This sparked a lengthy legal battle in the US over Apple’s walled garden approach to its app store. Epic sued Apple, which in turn banned Epic. The judge A permanent injunction was issued. As a way for developers to avoid Apple’s 30 percent cut of sales, Epic denied infringing Apple’s patents. But that didn’t convince anyone. Apple was understandably unhappy, and Epic challenged the injunction’s language, which didn’t criticize Apple for its monopoly. The two companies appealed, and the case eventually went to the Supreme Court, which decided not to hear the case. There must have been something else to do..

While the two companies continue to bicker in the U.S., the EU passed the aforementioned DMA, which forced Apple to allow third-party storefronts on iOS devices in Europe. Since then, Epic has been trying to launch a storefront but has faced resistance from Apple.

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