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Who controls the investment purse strings: men or women?

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When it comes to making big financial decisions, studies consistently show that women are more likely to control the purse strings than men.

While this is a positive finding, it may also be a hindrance to the growth of your investment portfolio as women tend to make smart, thoughtful and informed financial decisions.

If you’ve ever been brave enough to shop retail with a woman, you know, like I do, that men shop completely differently than women.

Men tend to have a fairly similar approach to shopping, regardless of the size of the purchase. As quickly, quietly and painlessly as possible.

Women, on the other hand, celebrate the experience.

For example, buying a new refrigerator requires more than just going to Harvey Norman.

It’s an epic research mission, riddled with spreadsheets and constant calculations to find the best possible deal, whether online or in-store.

In other words, women are generally more thorough, careful, and detail-oriented than men.

This is one of the main differences between men and women as investors, and it often gives women the upper hand when it comes to making smart real estate investment decisions.

This is not just my “biased” view, as some have suggested: several researchers much smarter than me have come to the same conclusion, including Neri Oster, a behavioral finance researcher and director of investment strategist at

She gives three main reasons why women tend to make smarter financial decisions than men.

1. Women think long term

“Women tend to be more focused on long-term, non-financial goals,” Oster says.

This is because women typically associate money with security, independence, and quality of life for themselves and their families.

It’s no wonder then that a 2010 Boston Consulting Group study found that female investors tend to be more focused on long-term planning. Oster adds:

“Men, on the other hand, are inherently more competitive and thrill-seeking, so they tend to value the short-term performance of their portfolios.”

2. Women take their time.

In general, women tend to be more thorough when it comes to making decisions and spend more time on the process than men.

“Women tend to be more patient investors and consult with advisors before adjusting their portfolio positioning, while men are more susceptible to market timing impulses.”

3. Women are more likely to ask for help.

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