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Amazon dug the Echo Spot out of the dustbin of its own product line

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Amazon is Introducing the all-new Echo Spot It looks a lot like the original Echo Spot that came out in 2017 ahead of Prime Day. Abolished after 2 years However, the front is split into a hemispherical display and speaker.

Amazon claims the new model has better sound quality and a clearer display, so time will tell if the reboot suffers from the same issues. Screen flickering issue Otherwise, the concept is largely the same: it’s a bare-bones smart alarm clock with Alexa integration that can manage a few simple tasks, like giving you the weather forecast and showing you the name of the song when you play music from your streaming app of choice.

Perhaps the best thing about the new Echo Spot is that it doesn’t have a camera. The original model had a built-in camera, which was handy for video chatting, but not everyone was thrilled with the idea of ​​a camera at their bedside.

of Echo Spot The exterior comes in three colors: black, glacier white, and ocean blue, and the display can be chosen from six colors: magenta, violet, orange, lime, teal, and blue, and can be paired with a variety of clock faces. The Echo Spot will be sold for $80, $50 cheaper than the original model. Prime members can get it for $45 until Prime Day.

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