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3 Underrated (HBO) Max Shows to Watch in July

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As you may know, reality TV is much more than scripted series. MaxBe thankful for discovery. Rest assured, you will never 90 Day Fiancé Or the countless spinoffs that appear on Max’s monthly list of underrated shows. They’re just not something we’re interested in.

Max’s three underrated shows include Adult Swim’s best animated series, an intense miniseries, and a very raunchy comedy starring its stars. PunisherTwo of those three shows are HBO originals, a reminder that the home box office brand still holds more weight than Max.

The Boondocks (2005-2014)

The Freeman family from
Adult Swim

We recently Fun time The revival of anime Top 5 worst shows on Netflix so far in 2024. The Boondocks It contrasts with the original series, with its biting, hilarious satire and genuine political viewpoints from series creator Aaron McGruder. Fun time The fourth and final season.

McGruder made it first. The Boondocks Although originally broadcast as a newspaper strip, Hughie and Riley Freeman (both voiced by Regina King) and their grandfather Robert Freeman (John Witherspoon) were given more complete portrayals in the show. The Boondocks Although it has received some criticism, its thorough criticism of modern race relations and black culture is relentless. The Tyler Perry parodies and BET jokes are particularly funny and sharp. However, The Boondocks There were some moving comments in this episode too. Return of the KingThe film depicts a world in which the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. survives an assassination attempt in 1968, but is deeply disappointed by what happens after he spends decades in a coma.

The fourth season was produced without McGruder, and by that point the quality had dropped significantly. The Boondocks It is unparalleled.

clock The Boondocks upon Max.

The Night Of (2016)

Riz Ahmed in

Riz Ahmed won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Miniseries for his role as Nasir Khan. Nightis a gripping HBO Original that should have been a bigger hit than it was. College student Nasir “borrows” his dad’s taxi to pick up a young woman, Andrea Cornish (Sofia Black-D’Elia). After spending hours getting high and having sex with Andrea, Nasir learns that she has been murdered, and Nasir himself has no idea what really happened.

As police try to extract a confession from Nasir, lawyer John Stone (John Turturro) steps in to protect Nasir’s interests. As the mystery unfolds, the series will also depict Nasir’s trials in prison and may emerge as a completely different person by the end.

clock Night upon Max.

Hong (2009-2011)

Jane Adams and Thomas Jane in the film

nevertheless hang The short-lived HBO original comedy was highly entertaining and proved Thomas Jane had a knack for comedy. The former Punisher actor played Ray Drecker, a single father who takes a serious financial hit and whose children leave him to live with his ex-wife, Jessica Haxson (Anne Heche).

The only good thing about Ray is that he’s well endowed, so his friend Tanya Scagle (Jane Adams) convinces him to allow her to sell him into prostitution. Ray’s female clients make his life even more crazy than it was before, but the deeper Ray gets into the world of prostitution, the harder it becomes to get out.

clock hang upon Max.

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