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Agoric Announces Orchestration for Next-Generation Web3 Applications

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San Francisco, CA, USA, July 10, 2024, Chainwire

Revolutionizing multi-blockchain collaboration through seamless user interaction

Agorica layer-1 blockchain designed for chain abstraction, today announced the rollout of its Orchestration API. This new toolset enables developers to create next-generation Web3 applications that seamlessly orchestrate digital assets and services across multiple blockchain ecosystems. As a result, users can now benefit from one-click interaction to deploy liquidity and access multiple blockchains in a unified way.

With over $2 trillion in liquidity spread across various blockchains and their ecosystems (Ethereum, Solana, L2, L3, AppChain, Sovereign Rollup, Subnets, etc.), users are often forced to have a complex and difficult experience on Web3. Many have tried to solve this fragmentation problem by launching bridges and interoperability solutions, but the experience remains limited due to the lack of programmability in existing solutions. Even simple use cases like paying for a service on another blockchain with assets on one blockchain require multiple user actions and signatures, leaving crypto assets locked in isolated silos.

Orchestration is transforming multi-chain use cases.

  • For usersOrchestration allows for the abstraction of the actual chain, meaning the cross-chain experience provides the simplicity you require.
  • For developers, Orchestration provides cross-chain programming capabilities with a multi-block execution environment and a simple JavaScript API for managing accounts and assets on remote chains.
  • For the Web3 EcosystemOrchestration allows composition across protocols, regardless of native chain, unlocking liquidity.

Commenting on the release of the API, Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric Systems, said: “We are excited to deliver a platform that enables rich, one-click user experiences that unlock new economic opportunities across multiple chains. Today, in Web3, even simple tasks require a lot of interaction and detailed expertise from users. Agoric Orchestration provides developers with a unique technology that enables them to bring their applications to the next generation of Web3.”

Interchain Transaction Terminal Calypso Leveraging Agoric Orchestration, we will launch a staking widget that allows users to stake from almost any launch token (ETH, SOL, etc.) to any IBC-enabled chain with a single click. Typically, this cross-chain staking process requires six separate steps involving multiple signatures, but with Agoric Orchestration, it only takes a single action.

Commenting on the integration, Calypso co-founder John DiBernardi “When it comes to executing actions across multiple blockchains, Agoric Orchestration is unmatched. We’ve been able to simplify a time-consuming and highly frustrating DeFi task into a one-click experience that will be highly satisfying for both DeFi newbies and experienced users.”

Builders preparing for multi-chain orchestration can apply for Agoric’s Early Access Program, which offers personalized technical support, financial incentives, and early access to new features. Apply now. Agoric.

Agoric Systems CEO, Dean Tribble, is available for interviews upon request.

About Agoric

Agoric is a Layer 1 blockchain for orchestration. In a fragmented blockchain environment, Agoric brings orchestration to Web3, solving the challenge of off-chain abstraction and facilitating composability and true interoperability that opens a new era of universal liquidity.

Agoric is the co-author of the study, co-authored by renowned computer scientist Dean Tribble. Mark MillarTheir groundbreaking work in secure computing and distributed systems laid the foundation for Agoric’s innovative technology.

For more information, please visit Agoric at: Official Website | Twitter (X) | discord | LinkedIn


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