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These are the suburbs with the highest demand for rental properties, large and small

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Australia continues to experience a rental crisis with extremely low vacancy rates, low inventory and record high rents, creating a pressured environment for renters.

But despite the challenges, space remains a top priority for many, and demand for larger rental properties remains strong.

New research has revealed that homes with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car garages are the most viewed rental properties across all Australian states (with three bedroom, one bathroom and two car garage homes being the most popular in Tasmania).

As for the units, the most popular configuration nationwide was two bedrooms, one bathroom and one parking space.

This configuration also topped every state except the ACT, where a smaller one-bedroom, one-bathroom, one-park unit took the top spot.

But despite the demand for the space that bigger homes offer, rising prices in the rental market are pushing renters towards cheaper properties, which usually means compromising on space.

Prop Truck Senior Economist Paul Ryan Changes have been noticed in search data for small homes.

Tenants forced to compromise

With rental vacancy rates at record lows, renters have limited options and prices are skyrocketing.

Although there was a slight increase in the number of available properties in April, the rental market remains extremely tough for renters.

Rent price is one of the key factors that determine the type of living situation a person will be placed in, rather than a final preference.

Ryan said.

If there were cheaper rental housing options available, people would spread out and seek their own space.

A recent realestate.com.au survey found that tough rental market conditions mean 72% of renters feel they have to compromise on price, location or features to find a rental property.

More than half (52%) of renters said they were experiencing financial difficulties due to rising rent prices, and 39% said they had to move to a smaller rental property or shared accommodation because of financial difficulties.

Suburbs with the highest demand for small rental properties

Two-bedroom homes were most prevalent in several popular inner-city suburbs in Melbourne, including Richmond, Carlton North, Prahran and Brunswick.

In Sydney, two-bedroom properties were the most viewed rental home type in the inner city suburbs of Newtown, Paddington and Surry Hills.

ABS census data showed residents in these suburbs tended to be younger and have smaller household sizes, with the majority of households made up of married couples without children.

Top 10 Best Suburbs for Tiny Houses

Meanwhile, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth CBDs, as well as Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, had the best views for one-bedroom rental apartments.

Small apartments are prevalent in the CBD, with one-bedroom units costing around $400 less per week in Sydney than two-bedroom apartments, $200 less in Brisbane, $180 less in Melbourne and $130 less in Perth.

Top 10 Best Suburbs for Small Units

Suburbs with the highest demand for large properties

Five-bedroom homes were the most viewed in many of Sydney’s affluent suburbs, including Lindfield, Gordon and East Killara in Sydney’s north, Bellevue Hill and Rose Bay in the east.

The average weekly rent in these suburbs is well above the average residential rent, ranging from $1,300 a week in Gordon to around $2,600 a week in Bellevue Hill.

Best Suburbs for Big Houses

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