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I’m currently finding a good setup. – investxyon
Thursday, February 22, 2024
Home Stock Analysis I’m currently finding a good setup.

I’m currently finding a good setup.

by xyonent
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Jason and I are debuting a new 30-day options sale BootCamp starting this Monday. Here’s your chance to learn all about our top strategies in a small group environment! Be there – There are less than 7 spots left to attend the service!

In a world where the average trader has access to literally thousands of option stocks, do you really think you’re optimizing your portfolio with just one trade a week as the market continues to hit new highs?

If you are not following me, bullseye trades Lately, you’ve been missing out on my best ideas for 2024.

It all started with 130% jump Playing on NFLX At the beginning of the year (yes, that’s right. Do you know anyone else who was betting on the market at the beginning of the year?)

Note: Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and usually should not be expected to be repeated.

after that exploded 💥Use this banger AMD callthis ended up being one of my best phones ever.

Note: Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and usually should not be expected to be repeated.

Here are our recommendations so far this year. I’m not skipping the “bad stuff”. Everything is clear.

Meeting AMD’s demands is difficult, but see what I followed up with the following week – it’s possible 300% runner with LLY call:

Note: Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and usually should not be expected to be repeated.

And the next week, COIN calls rose another 100%…

Note: Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed and usually should not be expected to be repeated.

But everyone, ISorry to say I’m busy Stop registering with Bullseye Trades this week (see for yourself 😢). I’ve been giving people a lot of chances to get into it over the years, but I realized I was offering it too cheaply.

But I don’t want to confuse you.…What I offer you is: back door 🚪Upgrade to Bullseye Unlimited to participate in Bullseye Trades (Monday only offer) (seating is still available at the moment!).

Use code: UPGRADE to get $100 off!

Rather than being limited to just one idea per week. Three of my best ideas per day?!

what does it look like?

Well, I’m not going to bore you with all of these trading alerts, but it’s like the next masterpiece.

TSLA Options will be alerted on Monday (24/01/29) @ $2.85 – 2 days later $6.75 = 130%

coin – Options are alerted on Monday (24/01/29) @ around $3 (touch $3.30) – $8 after 1 day = $160%

Alignment – Options are alerted on Monday (24/01/29) @ $8.40 – $12.91 after 4 days = 50%

(Note: Trading is difficult, results are not guaranteed, and usually should not be expected to be repeated.)

Pay attention to the date 👆

That was one day. Imagine if you took full advantage of these deals. 🤑 Hear it from one of my inner circle members:

This is all part of my very popular Bullseye Unlimited service, which also creates great international trading ideas for our members.

Friends, the Chinese market may be depressed, but the best opportunities come when there is blood on the streets.

I have recently been looking at trading opportunities in the Chinese market.

Inside me bullseye unlimitedI teach students in real time how to trade options strategies on some of the largest and most active stocks on the market.

And obviously, as Shri said above, My “idea was great!”

it really insane year huge alarm already. 🤯

Can you imagine what we could do in 2024 with my expertise at your disposal?

Without the strategies I have cultivated over my 20+ year trading career, you are at a disadvantage.

Get the next 3 best trading ideas tomorrow!!!

Don’t forget code: Get $100/off when you upgrade (click “Apply”)

We wish you every success…and look forward to seeing you in 2!

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